Emmons in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Emmons
William Emmons
George Emmons
Walter Emmons
Richard Emmons
James Emmons
Charles Emmons
Henry Emmons
Francis Emmons
Arthur Emmons
Jacob Emmons
Joseph Emmons
Thos. Emmons
David Emmons
Sidney Emmons
Robert Emmons
Lary Emmons
Harry Emmons
Frank Emmons
Vivian Emmons
Ezra Emmons
Thomas Emmons
Samuel Emmons
Albert Emmons

Top female forenames

Mary Emmons
Ann Emmons
Ada Emmons
Elizabeth Emmons
Sarah Emmons
Martha Emmons
Lucy Emmons
Mabel Emmons
Eliza Emmons
Louisa Emmons
Clara Emmons
Kate Emmons
Betsy Emmons
Isabel Emmons
Selina Emmons
Anne Emmons
Harriett Emmons
Ruth Emmons
Agnes Emmons
Esther Emmons
Rachel Emmons
Addie Emmons
Emma Emmons
Minnie Emmons
Ella Emmons
Edith Emmons
Lettie Emmons
Charlotte Emmons
Jane Emmons
Violet Emmons
Beatrice Emmons
Ida Emmons
Florence Emmons
Rosa Emmons
Adeline Emmons
Enna Emmons
Nova Emmons
Emily Emmons
Elizth.W. Emmons

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Ag Laborer
Plate Layer
Lurryman (Carter)
Licensed Victualler Farmer 158 Acres 3 Men 1 Boy
Laborers Wife
Private Constable (Messenger)
Provision Merchant & Sail Maker Employing 11 Men & 8 Boys
Railway Porter
Railway Signalman
Scholar In Institute
Smith Biscuit Fact
Solicitors Artd Clerk
Sugar Boiler
Laborer In B F
Jute Worker
Ag Lab Wife
Commission Agent
Errand Boy
Farm Laborer
Farm Labourer
General Servant Domestic
Genl Dealer
Gentleman On Interest Of Money
Gentleman Wife
Groom & Gardener