Enderby in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Enderby
William Enderby
George Enderby
Thomas Enderby
Charles Enderby
Henry Enderby
Edward Enderby
Harry Enderby
Joseph Enderby
James Enderby
Arthur Enderby
Albert Enderby
Frederick Enderby
Fred Enderby
Francis Enderby
Herbert Enderby
David Enderby
Richard Enderby
Walter Enderby
Sydney Enderby
Edmund Enderby
Harold Enderby
Robert Enderby
F.G. Enderby
Soloman Enderby
Smith Enderby
Saul Enderby
Grigson Enderby
Cornelius Enderby
S. Enderby
Geo. Enderby
Fredirick Enderby
Wm. Enderby
Moses Enderby
Frederic Enderby
Matthew Enderby
Frank Enderby
Tom Enderby
F.W. Enderby
Infant Enderby
Elijah Enderby
Snowden Enderby
Silas Enderby
Cyris Enderby
Saml.Green Enderby
Coppin Enderby
Fredric Enderby
Wm.R. Enderby
Naaman Enderby
Aaron Enderby

Top female forenames

Mary Enderby
Elizabeth Enderby
Sarah Enderby
Fanny Enderby
Eliza Enderby
Alice Enderby
Annie Enderby
Emma Enderby
Ellen Enderby
Harriet Enderby
Ada Enderby
Lucy Enderby
Edith Enderby
Florence Enderby
Jane Enderby
Ann Enderby
Charlotte Enderby
Kate Enderby
Minnie Enderby
Gertrude Enderby
Clara Enderby
Betsy Enderby
Eleanor Enderby
Rose Enderby
Rebecca Enderby
Martha Enderby
Maria Enderby
Lizzie Enderby
Susan Enderby
Henrietta Enderby
Caroline Enderby
Thirza Enderby
Bethia Enderby
L.W. Enderby
Elizh. Enderby
Susanna Enderby
Barbara Enderby
Jessie Enderby
Suie Enderby
Hepzebah Enderby
Amelia Enderby
Harriett Enderby
Agnes Enderby
Hannah Enderby
Dorothea Enderby
Maud Enderby
Abigail Enderby
A.H. Enderby
Esther Enderby
Blanch Enderby

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Only Assumed Ages
Farmers Son
Journeyman (Corn) Miller
Farm Serv
Errand Boy
Drapers Shopman
Drapers Assistant
Builders Daur
Servant Domestic
Retired Farmer
Solicitors Clerk
Farmers Wife
Ag Laborer
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Inn Keeper
Print Cutter (Type)
Farm Labr
Farm Labourer
Farm Laborer
Engine Driver (Seaman) (Steam Vessel)
Farm Servant (Indoors)
Farm Servant Indoor
Agricultural Labourer
Assists His Father (Plumber)
Baker And Grocer
Bankers Clerk
Barman (Inn Serv)
Bootmaker Employing 2 Men 1 Boy
Bootmakers Wife
Bricklayers Lab
Agl Lab
Cabinet Maker
Clothiers Assistant
Corn Miller