Ennals in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Ennals
John Ennals
Edwin Ennals
Charles Ennals
Arthur Ennals
Walter Ennals
Albert Ennals
Harry Ennals
Edgar Ennals
Alexander Ennals
Sydney Ennals
Robert Ennals
George Ennals
Frank Ennals
Ebenezer Ennals
Sidney Ennals
Owen Ennals
Fred Ennals
Ernest Ennals

Top female forenames

Mary Ennals
Kate Ennals
Henrietta Ennals
Annie Ennals
Alice Ennals
Sarah Ennals
Catherine Ennals
Ann Ennals
Margaret Ennals
Jane Ennals
Francis Ennals
Ellen Ennals
Clarisia Ennals
Pheobe Ennals
Maria Ennals
Kezia Ennals
Jemima Ennals
Hilda Ennals
Gertrude Ennals
Emma Ennals
Eliza Ennals

Top occupations

Ag Labr
General Practitioner (Member Of Royal College Of Surgeons)
Housekeeper (Dom)
Lady Help (Dom)
Master Draper
Merchants Clerk
Private Income
Retired Wine Mercht Traveller
Draper & Milliner
District Surveyor
Apprentice (Grocers)
Baptist Minister Of Great Shelford Chapel
Commercial Trav (Lace)
Commercial Traveller
Commercial Traveller (Wine & Spirits)
Corn & Coal Merchant
Superintendent Reg & Auctioneer