Enright in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Enright
Thomas Enright
William Enright
James Enright
Patrick Enright
Michael Enright
George Enright
Joseph Enright
Wm. Enright
Daniel Enright
Maurice Enright
Thos. Enright
Francis Enright
Robt. Enright
Ernest Enright
Henry Enright
Timothy Enright
Florence Enright
Richard Enright
Edward Enright
Morris Enright
Anthony Enright
Albert Enright
Jerry Enright
Harry Enright
Dennis Enright
Cornelius Enright
Andrew Enright
Jno. Enright
Jas. Enright

Top female forenames

Mary Enright
Ellen Enright
Margaret Enright
Bridget Enright
Annie Enright
Ann Enright
Kate Enright
Elizabeth Enright
Sarah Enright
Harriet Enright
Anne Enright
Julia Enright
Jane Enright
Hanora Enright
Alice Enright
Johanna Enright
Agnes Enright
Cecilia Enright
Rattie Enright
Cathe. Enright
Norah Enright
Harriett Enright
Maggie Enright
Esther Enright
Anna Enright
Louisa Enright
Emily Enright
Lilian Enright
Elizth. Enright
Ada Enright
Eliza Enright
Searia Enright
Charlotte Enright
Royanna Enright
Jessie Enright
Catherine Enright
Rachel Enright
Isabella Enright
Caroline Enright
Monica Enright
Aurstasia Enright
Florence Enright
Lucy Enright
Ester Enright
Lillian Enright
Katherine Enright
Edith Enright
Johana Enright

Top occupations

Milk Carrier
General Labourer
Domestic Servant
Labourer On Railway
Domestic Servant Nurse Unemployed
Coastguard (RN)
Green Grocer
Engine Tenter At Paper Mill (Dri)
Errand Boy
Fancy (Trimmer Of Frillings)
General Servant
Formerly Tailoress
Frame Maker Carver
General Serv Waitress
General Porter
Folding Screen Maker
G Labourer
Ganger On Railway
Gen Lab Out Of Employment
Dock Labourer
Capt Tele
Builders Clerk
Bricklayer Lab
Wine Cellarman
Book Folder
Beer House Keeper
Barristers Clerk
Chambermaid Domestic Serv
Coachman Dom Serv
Coast Guard
Custom House Officer Wife
Custom House Officer
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Operative
Conductor Ordnance Dept
Comml Clerk To Whouseman
Commercial Clerk