Epton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Epton
William Epton
Charles Epton
George Epton
Joseph Epton
Thomas Epton
James Epton
Edward Epton
Robert Epton
Walter Epton
Richard Epton
Tobias Epton
Albert Epton
Frederick Epton
Stephen Epton
Isaac Epton
Samuel Epton
Levi Epton
Edmund Epton
David Epton
Henry Epton
Wm. Epton
Eardley Epton
Jms. Epton
Jabez Epton
Simon Epton
Headley Epton
Reuben Epton
Elijah Epton
Willm. Epton
Kidd Epton
Arthur Epton
Solomon Epton
J.G. Epton
Silas Epton
Saml. Epton
Harry Epton
Geo.Willm. Epton
Mary Epton
Ernest Epton
Lancelot Epton

Top female forenames

Mary Epton
Sarah Epton
Elizabeth Epton
Annie Epton
Fanny Epton
Susan Epton
Ann Epton
Jane Epton
Alice Epton
Lucy Epton
Hannah Epton
Betsy Epton
Rose Epton
Eliza Epton
Phebe Epton
Susanna Epton
Ellen Epton
Catherine Epton
Martha Epton
Susannah Epton
Emily Epton
Ruth Epton
Rhoda Epton
Frances Epton
Charlotte Epton
Margaret Epton
Lizzie Epton
Emma Epton
Anna Epton
Jessie Epton
Infant Epton
Elizth. Epton
Ada Epton
Harriet Epton
Rebecca Epton
Gertrude Epton
Clara Epton
Millie Epton
Florence Epton
Caraline Epton
Margret Epton
Eve Epton
Betsey Epton
Ethel Epton
Anne Epton
Lily Epton
Elizth.Mary Epton
Agnes Epton
Honour Epton
Edith Epton

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Agricultural Labourer
Domestic Servant
Drapers Assistant
Labourers Wife
Farm Labourer
Laborer (General)
Quarry Labourer
Garthman (Ag Lab)
Formerly Gen Serv (Pauper)
Formerly Ag Lab (Pauper)
Under Gardener (Dom)
Fishermans Wife
Farmer Of 1760 Acres Employing About 50 Men 16 Boys & Land Agent & Appraisers
Farmer Of 26 Acres
Farmer Of 28 1/2 Acres
Farmers Daur
Farmer Of 90 Acres
Farmer Of 9 Acres
Farmer Of 706 Acres 15 Men 5 Boys
Coal Minor
Agcl Labourer
Agric Lab Foreman
Agricultural Lab
Apprentice Grocer
Boot Maker
Butler Dom Serv
Butlers Daur
Cook Domestic
Cordwainer (Master Emp 1 Boy)
Cottager Of 3 Acres
Domstic Servant
Draper & Grocer
Dress Maker
Farm (Blff) Foreman