Ernest in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Ernest
William Ernest
Thomas Ernest
John Ernest
Ozanne Ernest
Arthur Ernest
Henry Ernest
Geo. Ernest
Frank Ernest
Louis Ernest
Edward Ernest
Lazzell Ernest
Chas. Ernest
Kalli Ernest
Augustas Ernest
Andrew Ernest
Iveson Ernest
Albert Ernest
Harry Ernest
Samuel Ernest
Girthage Ernest
Percy Ernest
Frederick Ernest
Moses Ernest
Edwd.Llewellyn Ernest
Lewis Ernest
Edgar Ernest
Laurence Ernest
Joseph Ernest
James Ernest
Alfred Ernest
Thos. Ernest
Son Ernest
Harold Ernest
Robert Ernest

Top female forenames

Mary Ernest
Elizabeth Ernest
Fanny Ernest
Helen Ernest
Ann Ernest
Louisa Ernest
Charlotte Ernest
Gertrude Ernest
Ellen Ernest
Martha Ernest
Dorothy Ernest
Mabel Ernest
Clara Ernest
Laura Ernest
Caroline Ernest
Jessie Ernest
Annie Ernest
Florence Ernest
(Mrs) Ernest
Rachel Ernest
Ethel Ernest
Ozanne Ernest
Emma Ernest
Marianne Ernest
Constance Ernest
Kate Ernest
Carolina Ernest
Jane Ernest
Anna Ernest
Ada Ernest
Susanna Ernest
Phillis Ernest
Esther Ernest
Minnie Ernest

Top occupations

Governess (Teacher)
Private Income
Professional Slater (Billiard Mr)
Market Gardener
Letter Carrier (C S Mess)
Labourer In Engineers Shop 1 M
Wood And Brass Turner
F Servant
Jobbing Laborer
Income From Property
Housemaid (Dom)
Stationary EngDriver
Scholar And (Billiard Mr)
Railway Clerk
Public Accountant
Potter Wheel Turner
Potter Turner
Potter Kiln Fireman
House Work
Cabinet Maker (Employs 9 Men 6 Boys And 6 Women)
Coffee Ho Keeper
Clogger Employ 1 Man
Cabinet Maker
Brickmakers Widow
Ag Lab
Corn Merchants Clerk
General Servant
General Domestic Servant
Former Cotton Sizer
Farmer Of 246 Acres Emp 2 Labourers
Excavator (Rly Lab)
Engraver & C
Engine Fitter (N E R)
Domestic Serv Housemaid
Accountants Clerk