Erwine in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Joseph Erwine
John Erwine
Thomas Erwine
George Erwine
Anthony Erwine
James Erwine
Patrick Erwine
Alfred Erwine
William Erwine
Robert Erwine

Top female forenames

Mary Erwine
Margaret Erwine
Isabella Erwine
Emily Erwine
Elizabeth Erwine
Sarah Erwine
Polly Erwine
Julia Erwine
Hannah Erwine
Ellen Erwine
Agness Erwine
Ruth Erwine
Phoebe Erwine

Top occupations

Lead Ore Smelter
Lead Ore Smelter Wife
Lead Miner
General Servant Domestic
Lead Ore Washer
Lead Ore Washing Foreman
Lead Ore Smelters Daughter
Nurse (Dom)
Lead Ore Smelter Not Able To Work
Lead Ore Miner
Lead Ore Labourer
House Keeper
Dress Maker
Domestic Servant
Domestic Housemaid
Dairy Maid