Esdaile in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Esdaile
Edward Esdaile
Wm. Esdaile
Walter Esdaile
David Esdaile
James Esdaile
Frederick Esdaile
Charles Esdaile
Arthur Esdaile
Albert Esdaile
Robt. Esdaile
Jas. Esdaile
Henry Esdaile
Frank Esdaile
Arundell Esdaile
Alfred Esdaile
Seymour Esdaile
Margrave Esdaile

Top female forenames

Ada Esdaile
Mary Esdaile
Sarah Esdaile
Florence Esdaile
Flora Esdaile
Caroline Esdaile
Ann Esdaile
Ealla Esdaile
Anna Esdaile
Maud Esdaile
Amelia Esdaile
Marion Esdaile
Lucy Esdaile
Lettuce Esdaile
Hellen Esdaile
Susan Esdaile
Minnie Esdaile
Alice Esdaile
Maria Esdaile
Lousia Esdaile
Jessie Esdaile
Helena Esdaile
Florance Esdaile
Tautte Esdaile

Top occupations

No Occupn
Learner (Appren)
Assistant Draper
Moulder Employing 1 Youth
Provision Merchant
Rector Of Sandford Orcas
Rectors Wife
Student Trinity College
Surveying Instrument Maker (Philos)
Telegraphic Instrument Maker
Timber Merchant
Merchant Wife
Merchant Retired
Brass Finisher
Drapers Assistant
Hat Presser (Appre)
Home Duties
House Owner
Leiut Colonel Justice Of The Peace
Magestrate Oth Local
Mechanic (Undef)
Timber Merchant Wife