Estridge in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Estridge
John Estridge
George Estridge
Joseph Estridge
Edward Estridge
Thomas Estridge
Charles Estridge
Arthur Estridge
Samuel Estridge
James Estridge
Cecil Estridge
Aretas Estridge
Laurence Estridge

Top female forenames

Maria Estridge
Elizabeth Estridge
Mary Estridge
Mildred Estridge
Audrey Estridge
Marion Estridge
Margaret Estridge
Jane Estridge
Gertrude Estridge
Emma Estridge
Ellen Estridge
Rebecca Estridge
Caroline Estridge
Amelia Estridge
Mariam Estridge
Margt. Estridge
Katherine Estridge
Grace Estridge
Fanny Estridge
Emily Estridge

Top occupations

Fur Sewer
Agri Lab
Agr Lab
M.A.Oxford Assistant Master Repton School
No Profission Income From Land & Devidens
Railway Inspector
Railway Porter
Rector Of Puncknowle With Bexington
Shoe Maker
Vicar Of Lodsworth
West India Proprietor
Lt Col Retired
Housemaid Domestic Servt
Civil Engineer
Corn Miller
Easy Chair Frame Maker
Easy Chair Frame Mk
Errand Boy
Fund Owner
Gardener (Dom)
Ground Rent Holder
House Keeper