Ethell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Ethell
James Ethell
Richard Ethell
George Ethell
Thomas Ethell
Joseph Ethell
William Ethell
Alfred Ethell
Samuel Ethell
Benjamin Ethell
Edward Ethell
Bielby Ethell
Beetham Ethell
Alice Ethell
Mark Ethell
Albert Ethell
John. Ethell
Abel Ethell
Willm. Ethell
Grice Ethell
Tom Ethell
Frank Ethell
Thos. Ethell
David Ethell
Shimas Ethell
Robert Ethell
Arthur Ethell
Percy Ethell
Able Ethell
Wm. Ethell
Henry Ethell
Thos.Henry Ethell

Top female forenames

Sarah Ethell
Mary Ethell
Ann Ethell
Elizabeth Ethell
Priscilla Ethell
Margaret Ethell
Jane Ethell
Harriet Ethell
Eliza Ethell
Annie Ethell
Harriett Ethell
Emily Ethell
Alice Ethell
Martha Ethell
Charlotte Ethell
Caroline Ethell
Louisa Ethell
Amy Ethell
Hannah Ethell
Ada Ethell
Tabithia Ethell
Ena Ethell
Rosina Ethell
Olivia Ethell
Clara Ethell
Maria Ethell
Catherine Ethell
Lydia Ethell
Betsey Ethell
Esther Ethell
Emma Ethell
Ellen Ethell
Matilda Ethell

Top occupations

Merchants Clerk
Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
General Servant
Domestic Serv
General Labourer
Railway Engine Driver
General Labr Son
General Labs Wife
General Serv (Domestic)
Game Keepers Wife
General Labr Daur
General Servant Domestic
Genl Serv
Leather Goods Master Purse Maker Employing 1 Women 3 Girls 1 Boy
Laundress Retired
Labourer (Brewers)
Laborers Wife
Journeyman Blacksmith
Iron Moulder (Unemp)
Housekeeper (Dom)
Formerly Domestic Servt Housemaid
Fitter At Works (E And M)
Farm Servant(Indoor)
Colliery Enginemans Wife
Colliery Engine Man Out Of Work
Brickmakers Labr
Blacksmith Wife
Blacksmith Son
Agricultural Labourer
Commercial Clerk
Dom Servant Genl
Domestic Housekeeper
Farm Laborer (Indoor)
Farm Laborer
Engine Fitter
Dyer (Un Def)
Driller (Iron)
Domestic Servt Page
Domestic Servt