Eustice in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Eustice
William Eustice
Henry Eustice
James Eustice
George Eustice
Charles Eustice
Thomas Eustice
Joseph Eustice
Peter Eustice
Edward Eustice
Alfred Eustice
Paul Eustice
Arthur Eustice
Frank Eustice
Edd. Eustice
Josiah Eustice
Jas.H. Eustice
Tom Eustice
Gabriel Eustice
Stephen Eustice
Fred Eustice
Richard Eustice
Eliza Eustice
Edmund Eustice
Lambert Eustice
Daniel Eustice
Josephe Eustice
Wm. Eustice
W. Eustice
G. Eustice
Silas Eustice
Matthew Eustice

Top female forenames

Mary Eustice
Elizabeth Eustice
Sarah Eustice
Annie Eustice
Alice Eustice
Jane Eustice
Grace Eustice
Clara Eustice
Susan Eustice
Catherine Eustice
Bessie Eustice
Ellen Eustice
Ann Eustice
Eliza Eustice
Margaret Eustice
Elizth. Eustice
Nanny Eustice
Amelia Eustice
Thomasine Eustice
Loveday Eustice
Emily Eustice
Julia Eustice
Elizh.J. Eustice
Minnie Eustice
Alma Eustice
Jenifer Eustice
Elizebeth Eustice
Matilda Eustice
Agnes Eustice
Isabella Eustice
Victoria Eustice
Marianna Eustice
Hannah Eustice
Susannah Eustice
Edith Eustice
Margret Eustice
Fanny Eustice
Sophia Eustice
Ethel Eustice
Salome Eustice
Cecilia Eustice
Lydia Eustice
Emma Eustice
Rachel Eustice
Betsey Eustice
Louisa Eustice
Elvi Eustice
Phillippa Eustice
Kate Eustice
Jessie Eustice

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Tin Miner
Copper Miner
Iron Miner
Coal Miner
Tin Stream Worker
Tin Dresser
Farm Labourer
Wifes Sister
Farm Servant Cowman
Farm Servt Sheperd
Farmer Of 45 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farmer of 7 Acres
Formerly General Servant Domestic
Fuse Factory Girl
Formerly Tin Miner
Gardner 7/3
Gen Servant
Formerly Laundress
General Servant (Domestic)
Genl Labourer
Gardeners Daur
Civil & Mining Engineer
Blacksmith & L Labourer
Blacksmiths Wife
Carpenter Daur
Carpenter Master
Carpenter Wife
Carpenters Son
Dock Labourer
Dock Labourer Wife
Dom Serv
Domestic Servant
Drapers Cashier (Clerk)
Engine Fitter
Farm 140 Acres 3 Men Employed & One Boy