Evered in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Evered
Henry Evered
John Evered
George Evered
Robert Evered
Frederick Evered
Richard Evered
James Evered
Thomas Evered
Edward Evered
Charles Evered
Albert Evered
Frank Evered
Arthur Evered
Fred Evered
Harold Evered
Joseph Evered
Walter Evered
Alfred Evered
Christopher Evered
Benjamin Evered
Andrew Evered
St.J.E.J. Evered
Robt.G. Evered
Gillibrand Evered
Ranulph Evered
Orbell Evered
Ernest Evered
Earnest Evered
Joel Evered
Herbert Evered
Stanley Evered
Harry Evered
Samuel Evered
Granville Evered
Reginald Evered
Philip Evered
Francis Evered
Oliver Evered

Top female forenames

Mary Evered
Ellen Evered
Sarah Evered
Emma Evered
Elizabeth Evered
Jane Evered
Annie Evered
Alice Evered
Eliza Evered
Rhoda Evered
Ada Evered
Clara Evered
Florence Evered
Emily Evered
Kate Evered
Edith Evered
Harriet Evered
Anne Evered
Nellie Evered
Frances Evered
Ann Evered
Laura Evered
Julia Evered
Charlotte Evered
Anna Evered
Esther Evered
Louisa Evered
Sophia Evered
Jemima Evered
Christine Evered
Isabella Evered
Catharine Evered
Martha Evered
Eva Evered
Lucy Evered
Louie Evered
Valetta Evered
Susannah Evered
Sibelia Evered
Rosini Evered
Harriett Evered
Rebecca Evered
Gertrude Evered
Lydia Evered
Winifred Evered
Lilly Evered
Susaza Evered

Top occupations

Farm Laborer
Ag Labourer
No Occupation
Errand Boy
Garden Labourer
Domestic Servant
Railway Carrier
Domestic Serv
Labourer (Ag)
Farm Labr
House Decorator
Farmers Wife
Work In Paper Mill
Drapers Assistant
Drapers Clerk
Drapers Commercial Traveller
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 63 Acres Employing 2 Boys
Farmer Of 36 Acres Employing 2 Men
Farmer 38 Acres
Farmer 125 Acres 3 Labs 2 Boys
Chronometer Maker
Corn Miller
Cook (Dom Serv)
Builders Wife
Brass Manufacturer
Beer House Keepers Wife
Beer House Keeper & Engineer Driver At Mat Factory
Assist Dress Outfitter
Com Traveller Wine Trade
Com Clerk
Coachmans Wife
Coachman (Fly)
Cloth Worker
Cloth Filler
Clerk Of Works
Clerk At Corn Dealers