Everill in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Everill
Joseph Everill
John Everill
Henry Everill
Thomas Everill
William Everill
James Everill
Samuel Everill
Frederick Everill
Edward Everill
Charles Everill
Thos. Everill
Richard Everill
Ernest Everill
Percy Everill
Chas. Everill
Arthur Everill
Willm. Everill
Albert Everill
Wilfred Everill
Isaac Everill
Saml. Everill
Fred. Everill
Richd Everill
Frank Everill
Reginald Everill
Kenneth Everill
Wm.A. Everill
Alfred Everill
Jabez Everill
Herbert Everill
Sydney Everill
H.V. Everill
Samual Everill
Robert Everill
Fred Everill

Top female forenames

Ann Everill
Mary Everill
Elizabeth Everill
Hannah Everill
Sarah Everill
Harriet Everill
Maria Everill
Emma Everill
Ellen Everill
Emily Everill
Louisa Everill
Agnes Everill
Jane Everill
Rose Everill
Martha Everill
Florence Everill
Alice Everill
Eliza Everill
Edith Everill
Annie Everill
Florance Everill
Anne Everill
Lydia Everill
Ethel Everill
Amelia Everill
Lear Everill
Helena Everill
Eleanor Everill
Cecilia Everill
Minnie Everill
Georgina Everill
Batory Everill
Annetta Everill
Margaret Everill
Fanny Everill
Lousia Everill
Esther Everill
Letitia Everill
Leah Everill
Elizth. Everill
Isabella Everill
Rebecca Everill
Gertude Everill
Caroline Everill
Georgena Everill

Top occupations

Tile Maker
General Labourer
Pearl Button Carder
Laborers Wife
General Carrier ((C))
Gun Cock Filer
French Polisher
Galvanizer (Iron)
General Laborer
Grocers Assistant
Mill Engine Driver
No Occup
Staff Sergt. 2nd. Derby Militia
Servant (D)
Potters Ovenman
Potters Assistant
Potter Ovenman
Parlor Maid
Painter & Paper Hanger
Fine Art Dealer
Farm Servant Groom Indoor
Engine Tender At Pit
Clock Case Maker
Chemists Porter
Carman Gen Haulier
Brick Maker
Brick & Tile Maker
Brass Founder
Auctioneer & Estate Agent
Coal Miner
Com Traveller Hop Trade
Domestic Servant Parlour Maid
Cutlers Wife
Cutlers Son
Cutlers Daur
Core Maker (Iron)
Cook Domestic Servant
Commercial Traveller (Unemployed)
Comedian Travelling With Moss Sitton Co