Ewers in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Ewers
John Ewers
George Ewers
James Ewers
Thomas Ewers
Charles Ewers
Henry Ewers
Alfred Ewers
Frederick Ewers
David Ewers
Herbert Ewers
Arthur Ewers
Albert Ewers
Edward Ewers
Eli Ewers
Levi Ewers
Abraham Ewers
Sampson Ewers
Richard Ewers
Mark Ewers
Francis Ewers
Leonard Ewers
Jonathan Ewers
Edwd. Ewers
Susan Ewers
Simon Ewers
Samuel Ewers
Henrey Ewers
Aron Ewers
Robert Ewers
Amos Ewers
Pharaoh Ewers
Allan Ewers
Moses Ewers
Frank Ewers
Albion Ewers
Ernest Ewers
Wyndham Ewers
Joseph Ewers
Edwin Ewers
Stephen Ewers
Jacob Ewers
Daniel Ewers
Sidney Ewers
Haydon Ewers
Andrew Ewers
Geo Ewers
Alma Ewers
Percy Ewers
Fred Ewers

Top female forenames

Mary Ewers
Elizabeth Ewers
Sarah Ewers
Eliza Ewers
Ellen Ewers
Ann Ewers
Hannah Ewers
Jane Ewers
Rebecca Ewers
Emma Ewers
Harriet Ewers
Maria Ewers
Anne Ewers
Margaret Ewers
Annie Ewers
Louisa Ewers
Alice Ewers
Edith Ewers
Susan Ewers
Lucy Ewers
Agnes Ewers
Florence Ewers
Rose Ewers
Rachel Ewers
Ada Ewers
Jessie Ewers
Nellie Ewers
Maryann Ewers
Helena Ewers
Charlotte Ewers
Martha Ewers
Augusta Ewers
Florrie Ewers
Sophia Ewers
Flora Ewers
Esther Ewers
Rosetta Ewers
Allice Ewers
Lizzie Ewers
Emily Ewers
Kate Ewers
Elizth. Ewers
Percy Ewers
A.M.S. Ewers
Jenny Ewers
Mercy Ewers
Hester Ewers
Clara Ewers
Harriett Ewers
Susannah Ewers

Top occupations

Ag Lab
General Servant
Meat Salesman
General Labourer
Dk Labourer
Ag Lab Wife
Lab (Brickfield)
Domestic Servant
Milliner & Bonnet Maker
Gen Lab
General Laborer
Farm Servant
Ag. Lab.
Gas Stoker
Formerly Shoe Maker
Formerly Laundress
Foreman To Brickmaker Wife
Gen Domes Servt
Wife Of Serv
Farm Bailiff
Farm Labour
Farm Labourer
Foreman To Brickmaker
Butler (Dom)
Agricultural Labourer
At Home
Bird Keeper
Boatman (Waterman)
Boatman Wife
Chair Maker
Coach Painter
Coal Dealer
Coal Dealer Wife
Coal Merchant
Coopers Wife