Faber in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Faber
William Faber
George Faber
James Faber
Charles Faber
Henry Faber
Philip Faber
Albert Faber
Edward Faber
Jacob Faber
Frederick Faber
Joseph Faber
Walter Faber
August Faber
Anton Faber
Thomas Faber
Samuel Faber
Arthur Faber
Abraham Faber
Louis Faber
Evelyn Faber
Edwd.Augstin Faber
Edmund Faber
Herrman Faber
Conrad Faber
Stephen Faber
Henery Faber
Robert Faber
Hamilton Faber
Reynold Faber
Peter Faber
Fredk. Faber
Orho Faber
Frank Faber
A. Faber
Leslie Faber
Ernest Faber
Daniel Faber
Chas. Faber
Harry Faber
Carl Faber
Richard Faber
Gustav Faber
Fredric Faber
Alfred Faber
Paulis Faber

Top female forenames

Mary Faber
Louisa Faber
Sarah Faber
Eliza Faber
Elizabeth Faber
Emily Faber
Edith Faber
Rosina Faber
Caroline Faber
Martha Faber
Esther Faber
Kate Faber
Florence Faber
Jessie Faber
Fanny Faber
Margaret Faber
Ann Faber
Elizth. Faber
Katie Faber
Edna Faber
Sophy Faber
Jassou Faber
Comegode Faber
Ida Faber
Christiane Faber
Hannah Faber
Catherine Faber
Bessie Faber
Marian Faber
Ettie Faber
Anna Faber
Louise Faber
Alice Faber
Lizzie Faber
Katharine Faber
Eleanor Faber
Violet Faber
Sophia Faber
Jane Faber
Clara Faber
Ruth Faber
Henrietta Faber
Charlotte Faber
Priscilla Faber
Gertrude Faber
Annie Faber

Top occupations

General Servant
Cigar Maker
Independent Means
No Occupation
Milk Man
German Master
General Domestic
Funded Proprietress
Formerly Tailor Unoccupied
Formerly Nurse
Wine Merchant
Clergymans Wife
Lodging House Keeper
H M I Schools
Lieut Royal Art
Journeyman Baker
Jewell Case Maker
M A Oxon
Manager Of Hotel
Managers Wife
Fish Porter
Fish Dealer
Errand Boy
Captain Infantry Action List Half Pay
Cabinet Maker
Brickyard Labourer
Baker Journeyman
Civil Engineer
Civil Engineer M.A. Cambridge University
Dry Cooper & Cask Maker
Corn Porter 6/5
Corn Porter
Coopers Apprentice
Commercial Clerk
Coachman Dom Ser