Fairbanks in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Fairbanks
John Fairbanks
George Fairbanks
Thomas Fairbanks
Henry Fairbanks
James Fairbanks
Richard Fairbanks
Arthur Fairbanks
Samuel Fairbanks
Joseph Fairbanks
Alfred Fairbanks
Sampson Fairbanks
Robert Fairbanks
Charles Fairbanks
Frederick Fairbanks
Josiah Fairbanks
Ernest Fairbanks
David Fairbanks
Clement Fairbanks
Levi Fairbanks
Herbert Fairbanks
Leonard Fairbanks
Edwin Fairbanks
Edward Fairbanks
Thos Fairbanks
Jno. Fairbanks
Horatio Fairbanks
Reginald Fairbanks
Geo.H. Fairbanks
Percival Fairbanks
Frank Fairbanks
Erenist Fairbanks
Wm. Fairbanks
Edwd. Fairbanks
Walter Fairbanks
Earnest Fairbanks
Jas. Fairbanks
Cristopher Fairbanks
Samson Fairbanks
Infant Fairbanks
Sam Fairbanks
Allan Fairbanks
Percy Fairbanks
Nathaniel Fairbanks

Top female forenames

Mary Fairbanks
Sarah Fairbanks
Elizabeth Fairbanks
Ann Fairbanks
Alice Fairbanks
Eliza Fairbanks
Jane Fairbanks
Hannah Fairbanks
Emma Fairbanks
Fanny Fairbanks
Annie Fairbanks
Frances Fairbanks
Emily Fairbanks
Laura Fairbanks
Ada Fairbanks
Martha Fairbanks
Ellen Fairbanks
Agnes Fairbanks
Caroline Fairbanks
Elizth. Fairbanks
Matilda Fairbanks
Harriet Fairbanks
Catherine Fairbanks
Susan Fairbanks
Beatrice Fairbanks
Rebecca Fairbanks
Harriett Fairbanks
Edith Fairbanks
Maria Fairbanks
G. Fairbanks
Clara Fairbanks
Lydia Fairbanks
Florence Fairbanks
Louisa Fairbanks
Susanna Fairbanks
Bertie Fairbanks
Lily Fairbanks
Rosa Fairbanks
Elizabath Fairbanks
Nelly Fairbanks
Harrott Fairbanks
Elisabeth Fairbanks
Eleanor Fairbanks
E. Fairbanks
Margaret Fairbanks
Lucy Fairbanks
Florance Fairbanks
Betsy Fairbanks
Lissie Fairbanks
Lilla Fairbanks

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Farmers Son
Labourers Wife
Coal Miner
Retired Farmer
Gardener (N D)
Farm Servant Indoor
Farmer 98 Acres
Farm Lab
Excavator L & N W RY (Navvy)
Engine Driver At Lead Works
Corporation Labourer (Road)
Cottager (Farmer)(10 Ac)
Cottager Of 3 1/2 Acres (Farmer)
Engine Driver (Ry)
Dom Servt
Employed At Home
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Servt
Chemists Appren
Clicker In Boot Trade
Ag Labourer Wife
Agricultural Laborer
Assistant Master M.A.
At Home
Beer & Prov Shopkeeper
Black Smith
Boot Fitter
Brick Lab (Maker)
Carpenter Wife
Carpet Whse Appren
Civil Engineer
Clergyman Of The Church Of England (Without Care Of Souls)
Clicker Boot Trade