Fairgrieve in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Fairgrieve
William Fairgrieve
Robert Fairgrieve
Peter Fairgrieve
George Fairgrieve
Frederick Fairgrieve
Andrew Fairgrieve
Henry Fairgrieve
Geo. Fairgrieve
David Fairgrieve
Alexander Fairgrieve
Wm. Fairgrieve
Robt. Fairgrieve
Richard Fairgrieve
Joseph Fairgrieve
James Fairgrieve

Top female forenames

Mary Fairgrieve
Eliza Fairgrieve
Elizabeth Fairgrieve
Margaret Fairgrieve
Christina Fairgrieve
Alice Fairgrieve
Sarah Fairgrieve
Katerine Fairgrieve
Florence Fairgrieve
Annie Fairgrieve
Ada Fairgrieve
Ruth Fairgrieve
Jane Fairgrieve

Top occupations

Boy 1 Cl
No Occupation (W)
Purveyor Of Milk
School Mistress
Seaman Wife
Stone Mason
Tailors Apprentice
Under Housemaid
Watch Repairer (Maker)
Groom (Domestic)
Genl Servant Dom
Cartman Wife
Condenser Minder At Woolen Mill
Domestic Servant
Engine Fitter
Engine Fitter Apprentice
Engine Fitter N.E.R.
Engine Smith (E&M)
Formerly Laundress
Gen Serv
Woolen Spinner