Fairlie in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Fairlie
William Fairlie
Thomas Fairlie
Charles Fairlie
Walter Fairlie
Robert Fairlie
Joseph Fairlie
Frank Fairlie
Patrick Fairlie
David Fairlie
Richard Fairlie
James Fairlie
Hugh Fairlie
Harry Fairlie
Sidney Fairlie
Edward Fairlie
Clarence Fairlie
Reginall Fairlie
Bertram Fairlie
Archibald Fairlie
Adam Fairlie
Humphrey Fairlie
Herbert Fairlie
Thos. Fairlie
Frederick Fairlie
Sydney Fairlie
Francis Fairlie
Robt.F. Fairlie
Percy Fairlie
Arthur Fairlie
Allan Fairlie

Top female forenames

Mary Fairlie
Annie Fairlie
Emily Fairlie
Ann Fairlie
Agnes Fairlie
Florence Fairlie
Eliza Fairlie
Kate Fairlie
Jane Fairlie
Alice Fairlie
Ada Fairlie
Elizabeth Fairlie
Charlotte Fairlie
Louisa Fairlie
Jessie Fairlie
Isabella Fairlie
Gertrude Fairlie
Nancy Fairlie
Maria Fairlie
Manfried Fairlie
Bridget Fairlie
Lily Fairlie
Barbara Fairlie
Anne Fairlie
Susan Fairlie
Hannah Fairlie
Phoebe Fairlie
Francis Fairlie
Memab Fairlie
Emma Fairlie
Marion Fairlie
Margaret Fairlie
Bertha Fairlie
Kesiah Fairlie
Rachel Fairlie

Top occupations

Civil Engineer
Iron Worker
Principal Of School Mistress
Twine Spinner
Labourer In Iron Trade
Interest Of Money
Infant Attendant
Income From Property
House Keeping At Home ((Dom))
Governess Private
Locomotive Lab (Rly)
Mechanical Engineer (10/1 & M)
Nurse Dom
Nurse Domestic Serv
Retired Major H M S
Sawyers Lab Wood
Servant (Domestic)
Serv Nurse
Painter Glaister
General Servant
Engine Fitter
Draper And Clothier
Cotton Manufacturers Clerk
Clerk (Comm)
Chemical Manure Manufacturer
Wife Of Sir R... C Fairlie Bart
Bricklayers Labourer
Bank Clerk
Engineer (E & M)
Engineer At Factory (E Driver)
Engineer Wife
General Labourer
Gardner (Dom)
Gardener (ND)
Gardener (Gentlemans)
Farmers Boy
Factory Hand (Reeler)
Engineers Wife