Fallow in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Fallow
Thomas Fallow
James Fallow
William Fallow
Joseph Fallow
Patrick Fallow
Edward Fallow
Patsey Fallow
Charles Fallow
Alexander Fallow
Henry Fallow
George Fallow
Thos. Fallow
Selby Fallow
Cornelius Fallow
Robert Fallow
Andrew Fallow
Albert Fallow
Michael Fallow
Heney Fallow
Walker Fallow
Frank Fallow
David Fallow
Samuel Fallow
Percy Fallow
Martin Fallow

Top female forenames

Mary Fallow
Elizabeth Fallow
Jane Fallow
Margaret Fallow
Agnes Fallow
Sarah Fallow
Catherine Fallow
Alice Fallow
Kate Fallow
Ellen Fallow
Annie Fallow
Eliza Fallow
Deborah Fallow
Isabella Fallow
M. Fallow
Edith Fallow
Kity Fallow
Jessy Fallow
Winnifred Fallow
Teresa Fallow
Honour Fallow
Ada Fallow
Sophia Fallow
Hannah Fallow
Ruth Fallow
Emily Fallow
Phoebe Fallow
Elizth. Fallow
Louisa Fallow
Bridget Fallow
Janie Fallow
Treasia Fallow
Amelia Fallow
Susannah Fallow
Helen Fallow
Emma Fallow
Priscilla Fallow

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Rope Maker
Cotton Weaver
Housemaid Dom Ser
Ag Labourer
Zinc Worker Apprentice
House Decorator
Horse Keeper
Hmd Dom Serv
Groom Wife
Groom N D
J P Vice Consul For France (No Occ Other Local)
Labor Ironworks
Rly Labr
Riviter (Boilermaker)
Retired Tobacconist
Pupil Teacher
Piecer InA Cotton Mill
General Labourer
Master Spindle & Fly Maker Empl 5 Men 2 Boyus
Master Of Arts St John Coll Camb (Clergyman)
Lapper In A Cotton Mill
Grocers Apprentice
Glazier (No Occ)
Domestic Servant General
Dairyman (Farmer)
Calico Finisher (Print)
Cook Domestic Serv
Cloth Weaver
Engine Fitter
General Servant Domestic
General Serv
Boot Closer
General Domestic Servt
Fruit Dealer
Feather Curler
Farmer 100 Acres
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Engine Fitter (Machine) (E & M)