Fallowfield in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Fallowfield
George Fallowfield
William Fallowfield
John Fallowfield
Joseph Fallowfield
Arthur Fallowfield
Richard Fallowfield
Robert Fallowfield
James Fallowfield
Edward Fallowfield
Charles Fallowfield
Anthony Fallowfield
Wm. Fallowfield
Christopher Fallowfield
Alfred Fallowfield
Geo. Fallowfield
Johnathan Fallowfield
Jno. Fallowfield
Herbert Fallowfield
W. Fallowfield
Ernest Fallowfield
Thompson Fallowfield
Saml. Fallowfield
Jonas Fallowfield
Henry Fallowfield
Tom Fallowfield

Top female forenames

Mary Fallowfield
Elizabeth Fallowfield
Jane Fallowfield
Sarah Fallowfield
Margaret Fallowfield
Hannah Fallowfield
Ann Fallowfield
Annie Fallowfield
Agnes Fallowfield
Isabella Fallowfield
Bridget Fallowfield
Emily Fallowfield
Edith Fallowfield
Clara Fallowfield
Fanny Fallowfield
Anne Fallowfield
Emma Fallowfield
Ellen Fallowfield
Ada Fallowfield
Eliza Fallowfield
Ruth Fallowfield
Frances Fallowfield
Ermestine Fallowfield
Amy Fallowfield
Louisa Fallowfield
Lena Fallowfield
Theresa Fallowfield
Kate Fallowfield
Dinah Fallowfield
Rosina Fallowfield
Isabel Fallowfield
Minnie Fallowfield
Hanah Fallowfield
Barbara Fallowfield
Maria Fallowfield
Ethel Fallowfield
Alice Fallowfield
Lizzie Fallowfield
Laura Fallowfield
Sophia Fallowfield
Jessie Fallowfield
Dynah Fallowfield
Clare Fallowfield
Nanney Fallowfield
Maud Fallowfield
Martha Fallowfield
Fannie Fallowfield
Annabel Fallowfield
Margret Fallowfield

Top occupations

Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant
Ag Lab
Fs Son
General Labourer
Farm Servant Indoor
General Servant Domestic
Grocer & Provision Dealer
Farmers Wife
Milk Cow Keeper
Brass Founder
Ag Lab Wife
Ag Lab General Serv
Farmer Of 240
Farmer Of 6 Acres
Farmers Daughter
Farmer Of 23 Acres
Agricultural Labourer
General Domestic Servant
Colliery Weighman
General Serv
General Servant
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Grocers Assistant
Grocers Asst
Farmer Of 16 Acres
Farmer 110 Acres
Chemist Employing 2 Assistants 2 Porters & Boy
Cow Keeper
Dock Labourer
Doffer (C)
Char Woman
Calico Print Works Manager
Drapers Assistant (Out Of Employment)
Dress Maker
Cabinet Makers Wife
Farm Laborer
Cabinet Maker
Farm Serv Dom
Farm Servant
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmer (56 Acres)
Yeomans Daughter