Farden in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Farden
Thomas Farden
John Farden
Edward Farden
Charles Farden
Richard Farden
George Farden
Frank Farden
David Farden
Robert Farden
Moses Farden
Isaac Farden
Henry Farden
Fredk. Farden
Martin Farden
James Farden
Herbert Farden

Top female forenames

Mary Farden
Eliza Farden
Sarah Farden
Ada Farden
Ellen Farden
Sophia Farden
Catherine Farden
Rosa Farden
Alice Farden
Lucy Farden
Fredk. Farden
Flora Farden
Emily Farden
Elizabeth Farden
Clarissa Farden
Annie Farden
Richard Farden
Margaret Farden
Louisa Farden
Frances Farden
Emma Farden

Top occupations

Ag Labourer
Manager Of Boot Sewing Machines
Marine Store Dealer
Mechanic Iron Trade Fitter
Needle Woman
Nurse Domestic
Pawnbrokers Assistant
Silk Merchant
Silk Merchant Dau
Silk Merchant Son
Silk Merchant Wife
Leather Currier
Labourer (Ironworks)
Blanket Quiller
Checker In Leather Trade (Currier)
Circular Sawyer
Drapers Assistant
Dyer Culler In Works ...
Fruit Dealer
General Domestic Servt
General Servant
Ironworker (Puddler)
Jobbing Laborer
Woolyer In A Woollen Mill