Fare in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Fare
Thomas Fare
William Fare
James Fare
George Fare
Cuthbert Fare
Robert Fare
Arthur Fare
Richard Fare
Charles Fare
Albert Fare
Henry Fare
Ernest Fare
Herbert Fare
Walter Fare
Peter Fare
Archibald Fare
Joseph Fare
Willfield Fare
Frank.A. Fare
Reginald Fare
Jules Fare
Alfred Fare
Harry Fare
Frederick Fare
Francis Fare
Sidney Fare
Elijah Fare

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Fare
Mary Fare
Alice Fare
Ann Fare
Jane Fare
Margaret Fare
Sarah Fare
Annie Fare
Emily Fare
Ellen Fare
Eliza Fare
Ada Fare
Nanny Fare
Susannah Fare
Kate Fare
Hannah Fare
Anne Fare
Lilian Fare
Laura Fare
Julia Fare
Edith Fare
Rachel Fare
Jennet Fare
Dina Fare
Janey Fare
Charlotte Fare
Minnie Fare
Isabel Fare
Caroline Fare
Martha Fare
Harriet Fare
M. Fare
Frances Fare
Lottie Fare
Agnes Fare
Libby Fare
Eleanor Fare
Rebecca Fare
Jessie Fare
Dorothy Fare
Nellie Fare
Jeanette Fare
Clarissa Fare
Nancy Fare
Catherine Fare
Harriett Fare
Arabella Fare
Louisa Fare
Emma Fare

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Coal Miner
Farmers Daughter
Domestic Servant
Cloth Worker Employing 3 Boys 4 Women 27 Men
Governess (School Mistress)
Farmers 50 Acres
Labourers Wife
Farmer Wife
Farmer Of 120 Acres Employing 1 Man & 1 Boy
Farmer 236 Acres
Farmer (Of 3 Acres)
Ladies Companion
Lab In Coal Mine
Housemaid Domestic
General Turner (Atzn)
Gen Labourer
Gen Laborer At Mantle Works
Gardeners Widow
Farmers Wife
House Painter
Commercial Clerks Wife
Baker & Flour Dealer
Assist To Provision Dealer
Artiste Painter
Artist (Portrait & Landscape)
Agricultural Labourer
Ag Labourer Son
Worker In Paper Mill
Boot Maker
Cabinet Turner (Wood)
Commercial Clerk
Colliers Wife
Coal Proprieter (Mine Serv)
Coal Miner Out Of Employ
Coachman Wife
Coachman Son
Carpenter Chelsea Pension
Carpenter - Master
Carpenter & Grocer