Farquharson in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Farquharson
James Farquharson
William Farquharson
George Farquharson
Robert Farquharson
Alexander Farquharson
Charles Farquharson
Donald Farquharson
Joseph Farquharson
Henry Farquharson
Archibald Farquharson
David Farquharson
Peter Farquharson
Andrew Farquharson
Wm. Farquharson
Frederick Farquharson
Edwin Farquharson
Edward Farquharson
Arthur Farquharson
Thos.Shippen Farquharson
Angus Farquharson
Ronald Farquharson
Allan Farquharson
Richard Farquharson
Flora Farquharson
Albert Farquharson
Norman Farquharson
Colin Farquharson
Jas. Farquharson
C.M. Farquharson
Horace Farquharson
Barclay Farquharson
Thomas Farquharson
Fredk.I. Farquharson
Francis Farquharson
Pure Farquharson
F.R. Farquharson
Percy Farquharson
Lenox Farquharson
Benjamin Farquharson
Herbert Farquharson

Top female forenames

Mary Farquharson
Elizabeth Farquharson
Jane Farquharson
Sarah Farquharson
Isabella Farquharson
Jessie Farquharson
Fanny Farquharson
Agnes Farquharson
Caroline Farquharson
Margaret Farquharson
Alice Farquharson
Annie Farquharson
Helen Farquharson
Harriet Farquharson
Lydia Farquharson
Anne Farquharson
Maria Farquharson
Janet Farquharson
Amy Farquharson
Edith Farquharson
Harriett Farquharson
Constance Farquharson
Susan Farquharson
Louisa Farquharson
S. Farquharson
Euphemia Farquharson
Emma Farquharson
Anna Farquharson
Eliza Farquharson
Amelia Farquharson
J.H. Farquharson
E.A. Farquharson
Maggie Farquharson
Denie Farquharson
M.B. Farquharson
A.C.M. Farquharson
Susanna Farquharson
Catherine Farquharson
... Farquharson
Frances Farquharson
Lizzie Farquharson
F. Farquharson
Reginald Farquharson
Beatrice Farquharson
Lavinia Farquharson
Ethel Farquharson
Ketusah Farquharson
Ellen Farquharson
Ann Farquharson
Margrat Farquharson

Top occupations

Printer Compositor
Engine Fitter
Timber Merchant
Derives Income From Land
Cook Housekeeper
Cook & Housekeeper
Commercial Traveller
Commercial Clerk To Father
Commercial Clerk Coal
Drapers Assistant
Drumr R M L I
Game Keeper
Funded Income
Formerly Surveyor Of Highways
Formerly Engineers Wife
Examiner Admiralty Civil (C S)
Dom Valet
Engine Driver
Dyers Assistant
Commercial Clerk (Clk) (Fruit)
Commercial Clerk (Clk) (Fibres)
Commercial Clerk
Winder At Carpet Factory
Brass Finisher Workman
Boot Manufacturer
Auctioneer & Grocer
Assistant Grocer
Assist Bookkeeper To ...nfounder (Clerk)
Apprentice (Eng Driver)
Builder To Sanitary Engineer
Coach Smith (RC)
Clerk Union Bank
Clerk & Cashier
Chaplain To The Forces (Army Off)
Carriage Trimer
Carpenter (Unemployed)