Farrimond in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Farrimond
John Farrimond
James Farrimond
William Farrimond
Henry Farrimond
Joseph Farrimond
Richard Farrimond
George Farrimond
Charles Farrimond
Spencer Farrimond
Edward Farrimond
Daniel Farrimond
Thos. Farrimond
Alexander Farrimond
Elias Farrimond
Wm. Farrimond
Josiah Farrimond
Walter Farrimond
Alfred Farrimond
Robert Farrimond
Peter Farrimond
Chas. Farrimond
Stephen Farrimond
Jame Farrimond
Benjamin Farrimond
Spence Farrimond
Herbert Farrimond
Robt. Farrimond
Harry Farrimond
Freddy Farrimond
Oliver Farrimond
Ephraim Farrimond
Luke Farrimond
Danial Farrimond
Isaiah Farrimond
Samuel Farrimond
F.T. Farrimond
Nathan Farrimond
Enock Farrimond
Levi Farrimond
Edwin Farrimond
Jno.Wilm. Farrimond

Top female forenames

Mary Farrimond
Jane Farrimond
Elizabeth Farrimond
Ann Farrimond
Margaret Farrimond
Ellen Farrimond
Alice Farrimond
Sarah Farrimond
Catherine Farrimond
Hannah Farrimond
Edith Farrimond
Louisa Farrimond
Emma Farrimond
Dorothy Farrimond
Maria Farrimond
Esther Farrimond
Ruth Farrimond
Rachel Farrimond
Jerusha Farrimond
Barbara Farrimond
Amanda Farrimond
Prudence Farrimond
Kate Farrimond
Nancy Farrimond
Eliza Farrimond
Isabella Farrimond
Charlotte Farrimond
Harriet Farrimond
Leah Farrimond
Elizth. Farrimond
Polly Farrimond
A. Farrimond
Minnie Farrimond
Elenor Farrimond
Hester Farrimond
Harriett Farrimond
Margret Farrimond
Florence Farrimond
Anne Farrimond
Lydia Farrimond
Ester Farrimond
Rebecca Farrimond
Letitia Farrimond
Alexandra Farrimond
Elizebeth Farrimond
Jenny Farrimond
Matilda Farrimond
Martha Farrimond
Helen Farrimond
Margt.Alice Farrimond

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Selfactor Minder Cotton Mill
Coal Mine Labourer
Drawer In Coal Mine
Coal Miners Wife
Cotton Weaver
Power Loom Cotton Weaver
Dress Maker
Machinist & Tailoress
Weaver In Cotton Mill
Cotton Mill Reeler
Colliery Carpenter
Apprentice To Builder
Damp Fireman In Coal Mine
Coal Mine Pony Driver
Formerly Coal Miner
Labourer In Coal Mine
Domestic Servant
Cotton Weaver (Half Time)
Cotton Winder
Winder (Cotton Mill)
Cotton Mill Cotton Reeler
Cotton Mill Cotton Twister
Cotton Operative
Cotton Spinner
Domestic Work
Dom Serv
Colliery Engine Fitter
Bread Baker
Cannel Miner
Coal Miner Wife
Colliery Clerk
Assistant Servant
Colliery Engine Tenter
Colliery Engine Winder
Colliery Lab
Colliery Laborer Underground
Colliery Labourer