Farrin in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Henry Farrin
Joseph Farrin
George Farrin
Arthur Farrin
Frederick Farrin
Wm. Farrin
Johnson Farrin
Ernest Farrin
Charles Farrin
Thomas Farrin
John Farrin
Francis Farrin
Edward Farrin
Vernon Farrin
Alfred Farrin
Robert Farrin
Abraham Farrin
Percy Farrin
Andrew Farrin
Albert Farrin
Richard Farrin

Top female forenames

Sarah Farrin
Elizabeth Farrin
Jane Farrin
Mary Farrin
Edith Farrin
Susan Farrin
Clara Farrin
Patience Farrin
Martha Farrin
Alice Farrin
Florence Farrin
Ellen Farrin
Annie Farrin
Matilda Farrin
Amy Farrin
Louisa Farrin
Emily Farrin
Susannah Farrin
Dora Farrin
Charlotte Farrin
Maud Farrin
Anna Farrin
Amelia Farrin
Maria Farrin
Kate Farrin

Top occupations

Drapers Asst
Farmers Wife
General Laborer
Assistant In Family
Fellowship Porter Corn
Farmer Of 20 Acres
Maid Dom Serv
Seamstress (H)
Servant Unmployd
Sheep Salesman
Shoe Finisher
Farm Labourer
Boarding House Keeper
Boat Builder Employing 3 Men 2 Boys
Business Apt Hosiery
Butcher (Unemployed)
Butchers Wife
Cattle Salesman
Clothes Dealer (Dlr)
Coal Miner
Coal Miner (Disabled)
Coffee H Keeper
Company Sergeant Major 1st West India Regiment
Drapers Apprentice
Elastic Web Weaver
Errand Boy
Farm Bailiff