Farron in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Farron
James Farron
William Farron
Richard Farron
Edward Farron
Thomas Farron
Joseph Farron
Albert Farron
George Farron
Robert Farron
Arthur Farron
Alexander Farron
Henry Farron
Frederick Farron
Andrew Farron
Walter Farron
Fred Farron
Squire Farron
F. Farron
Eli Farron
Patrick Farron
David Farron
Bernard Farron
Jas. Farron
Wm.E. Farron
Jacob Farron
Timothy Farron
Sydney Farron
Frank Farron
Samuel Farron
Ernest Farron
Louis Farron
Charles Farron
Ben Farron
Wm. Farron
Hugh Farron

Top female forenames

Mary Farron
Elizabeth Farron
Sarah Farron
Ann Farron
Ellen Farron
Eliza Farron
Alice Farron
Jane Farron
Margaret Farron
Louisa Farron
Charlotte Farron
Kate Farron
Fanny Farron
Emily Farron
Edith Farron
Miriam Farron
Maria Farron
Margret Farron
Eleanor Farron
Beatrice Farron
Susannah Farron
Rosine Farron
Grace Farron
Rose Farron
Pauline Farron
Elizth. Farron
Margt. Farron
Lizzie Farron
Caroline Farron
Jessie Farron
Barbara Farron
Hannah Farron
Amy Farron
Rosina Farron
Florence Farron
Agnes Farron
Rebecca Farron
Emma Farron

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Lace Maker
Weaver (Cotton)
Cook Domestic
Reeler Cotton Mill
General Servant
No Occupation
Railway Porter
Drawer In A Coal Mine
Domestic Servant Housekeeper
Domestic Servant
Wine Cooper
Housemaid Domestic Servant
Haddock Smoker
Half Time Drawer In Coal Mine
General Dealer
Foreman (Manager)
Farriers Assist
Farmer Of 4 1/2 Acres
Farm Labourer
Haddock Smoker Wife
Facia Writer (Painter)
Engine Driver Cotton Mill
Cotton Weavers Overlooker
Cotton Weaver & Scholar
Chief Clerk & Receiver Dock Co
Carpenter Apprentice
Calico Weaver
Brass Founder
Box Maker (Wood)
Coal Dealer
Coal Miner
Commercial Traveller
Cotton Warehouse (Mf)
Cotton Overlooker
Cotton Operative
Cotton Frame Tenter
Conducter (Coachman ND)
Commission Agent