Faucett in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Faucett
Thomas Faucett
William Faucett
George Faucett
Joseph Faucett
Robert Faucett
James Faucett
Frederick Faucett
Charles Faucett
Arthur Faucett
Alfred Faucett
Albert Faucett
Ralph Faucett
Henry Faucett
Walter Faucett
Edwin Faucett
Richard Faucett
Edgar Faucett
Morris Faucett
Herbert Faucett
Frank Faucett
Edward Faucett
Matthew Faucett
Artha Faucett
Alexander Faucett
Hugh Faucett
Geo. Faucett
Fred Faucett
Stephen Faucett

Top female forenames

Mary Faucett
Elizabeth Faucett
Ann Faucett
Alice Faucett
Annie Faucett
Martha Faucett
Jane Faucett
Louisa Faucett
Emily Faucett
Emma Faucett
Eliza Faucett
Ruth Faucett
Frances Faucett
Lucy Faucett
Ellen Faucett
Catherine Faucett
Susuanh Faucett
Lily Faucett
Bertha Faucett
Sibella Faucett
Jessie Faucett
Anne Faucett
Sarah Faucett
Hannah Faucett
Gertrude Faucett
Ada Faucett
Maud Faucett
M. Faucett
Clara Faucett
Sybil Faucett
Linda Faucett
Blanche Faucett
Susannah Faucett
Kate Faucett
Selina Faucett
Anna Faucett
S. Faucett
Grace Faucett
Nancey Faucett
Francis Faucett
Mabel Faucett
Lydia Faucett

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Labourer At Iron Works
General Labourer
Nurse (SMS)
Loco Engine Fitter
Gas Manager
Gas Maker
Formerly Farmer Wife
Formerly Farmer
Foreman Roads
Farm Servant
Fellowship Porter
General Serv
House Keeper
Ironworks Labourer
Housekeeper (Dom)
Housekeeper ((Dom))
Ass.Botonical B.C.(London) Dpt British Museum (SCL IMSR)
House Duty
Hair Dresser
Grocers Asst
General Servant
Farm Bailiff
Errand Boy
Writer & Painter
Cabinet Turner
Brass Finisher
Biscuit Packer
Bank Manager
Bakers Assistant
Apprentice Carpenter
Cook (Domestic)
Engine Driver Iron Works
Drapers Asst
Domestic Servt
Domestic Servant
Daily Lab (Fm)
Curate Of Leigh
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Scutcher