Faulks in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Faulks
John Faulks
George Faulks
James Faulks
Alfred Faulks
Charles Faulks
Thomas Faulks
Arthur Faulks
Joseph Faulks
Robert Faulks
Henry Faulks
Edward Faulks
Walter Faulks
Frederick Faulks
Francis Faulks
Samuel Faulks
Richard Faulks
Frank Faulks
Tom Faulks
Fredrick Faulks
Frances Faulks
Sydney Faulks
Herbert Faulks
Benjamin Faulks
Oliver Faulks
Mary Faulks
Ernest Faulks
Wilfred Faulks
Major Faulks
Edwin Faulks
T. Faulks
Jesse Faulks
Dinnes Faulks
Jackson Faulks
Cyril Faulks
Rd.Lee. Faulks
Auther Faulks
Percy Faulks
Almond Faulks
Noah Faulks
Albert Faulks
Marmaduke Faulks
Elijah Faulks
Luke Faulks
Edwd. Faulks
Edgar Faulks
Daniel Faulks
Claude Faulks
Reuben Faulks
Phillip Faulks

Top female forenames

Mary Faulks
Elizabeth Faulks
Ann Faulks
Sarah Faulks
Emma Faulks
Annie Faulks
Alice Faulks
Jane Faulks
Harriet Faulks
Ellen Faulks
Lucy Faulks
Emily Faulks
Eliza Faulks
Hannah Faulks
Clara Faulks
Fanny Faulks
Louisa Faulks
Ruth Faulks
Frances Faulks
Maria Faulks
Susannah Faulks
Julia Faulks
Isabella Faulks
Matilda Faulks
Margaret Faulks
Anne Faulks
Susan Faulks
Amy Faulks
Kate Faulks
Ellery Faulks
Agnes Faulks
Jemina Faulks
Rebekah Faulks
Edith Faulks
Olive Faulks
Henry Faulks
Dina Faulks
Maud Faulks
Charlotte Faulks
Beatrice Faulks
Emmeline Faulks
Lilly Faulks
Rosetta Faulks
Ada Faulks
Jemima Faulks
Rebecca Faulks
E.S.A. Faulks
Minnie Faulks
Henrietta Faulks
Catherine Faulks

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Shoe Finisher
Coal Miner
Cotton Stocking Maker
Farm Labourer
Ag Labourer
Labourer (General)
Lodging House Keeper
Hosiery Machinist
Labs Wife
Licensed Hawker
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Servant
Shoe Cutter
Work on the Farm (AL)
Dress Maker
Milliner & Dressmaker
Hosiery Factory Hand
General Serv
Shoe Sewer
Elastic Weaver
Errand Boy
... Domestic Servant
Farm Carter (Lab)
At Home
Carpenters Daur
Carrier (Retired)
Carriers Wife
Childrens Maid Domestic
China Dealer
Carpenter & Farm Labourer
Blacksmiths Striker
Barge Builder
A Boy Seaman