Faull in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Faull
William Faull
Thomas Faull
Henry Faull
Joseph Faull
Elijah Faull
Richard Faull
Edward Faull
Charles Faull
Edwin Faull
Robert Faull
A. Faull
T. Faull
Alfred Faull
H. Faull
Ebenezer Faull
Nathaniel Faull
Arthur Faull
Jeremiah Faull
Francis Faull
Eldred Faull
Edwd. Faull
Eddy Faull
Lorenze Faull
James Faull

Top female forenames

Mary Faull
Elizabeth Faull
Jane Faull
Eliza Faull
Grace Faull
Carrie Faull
Bessie Faull
Ellen Faull
Johanna Faull
Caroline Faull
Margaret Faull
Ann Faull
Emily Faull
Sophia Faull
Martha Faull
Susan Faull
Salome Faull
Dorcas Faull
Rachel Faull
Clara Faull
Isabella Faull
Minney Faull
Beatrice Faull
Eugenia Faull
M. Faull
Allorine Faull
Lillie Faull
Agusta Faull
Eleanor Faull
Katie Faull
Sarah Faull
Doritha Faull
Juliana Faull
S. Faull
Dora Faull
Prudence Faull
Harriet Faull
Matilda Faull
Florence Faull
Annie Faull
Emma Faull
Mabel Faull
Amelia Faull
Loveday Faull
Alice Faull
Libey Faull
Selena Faull
Edith Faull
Kate Faull

Top occupations

Tin Miner
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant
General Servant
Farmers Wife
Coal Miner
Farmers Daughter
Tin Miners Wife
Banking Clerk
Winder Cotton
Foreman Miller (Iron)
Foreman Of Lime Burner ((Workers))
Foreman Wife
Formerly Shop Assistant
Garden Woman
Joiners Wife
Joiner H M Dockyard
Ironmongers Assistant
General Servant (Domestic) (Out Of Employ)
Housekeeper & Charwoman
Grocer Wife
House Carpenter
House Keeper
Farmer Wife
Coal Dealer
Clerk In G P Office (C S Off)
Char Woman
Carpet Warehouseman
Carpenter (Improver)
Brewery Laborer
Bootmaker Employing 10 Men & Women
Bible Christian Minister
Commercial Traveller Oil And Color Trade
Copper Miner
Farmer of 6 Acres
Farmer Of 33 Acres
Farmer Of 308 Acres Employing 6 Men & 1 Boy
Farmer Of 15 Acres
Factory (Cotton)
Employed On Farm
Drapers Assistant
Copper Miner Wife