Fawley in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Fawley
John Fawley
George Fawley
Thomas Fawley
James Fawley
Fred Fawley
Robert Fawley
Joseph Fawley
Henry Fawley
Edward Fawley
Herbert Fawley
Patrick Fawley
Mark Fawley
Job Fawley
Richard Fawley
Edwin Fawley
Jim Fawley
Barney Fawley
Thos. Fawley
Ammon Fawley
Squire Fawley
Harry Fawley
Elliott Fawley
Edwd. Fawley
Jonathan Fawley
Edgar Fawley
Tom Fawley
Charles Fawley
Thos.H. Fawley
Jesse Fawley
Arthur Fawley
Hugh Fawley
Albert Fawley
Sam Fawley
Newman Fawley
Ellis Fawley
Josh. Fawley
Jonathon Fawley
Wilfred Fawley
Chas.Hy. Fawley
Timothy Fawley

Top female forenames

Mary Fawley
Sarah Fawley
Elizabeth Fawley
Emma Fawley
Hannah Fawley
Martha Fawley
Edith Fawley
Jane Fawley
Ruth Fawley
Nancy Fawley
Eliza Fawley
Alice Fawley
Esther Fawley
Phoebe Fawley
Ellen Fawley
Clara Fawley
Ann Fawley
Fanney Fawley
S.A. Fawley
Ada Fawley
Emily Fawley
Minerva Fawley
Lurina Fawley
Cicely Fawley
Betty Fawley
Anne Fawley
Fanny Fawley
Amy Fawley
Ethel Fawley
Agnes Fawley
A.E. Fawley
Margaret Fawley
Louisa Fawley
Caroline Fawley
Jamima Fawley
Annie Fawley
Frances Fawley
Susannah Fawley

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cotton Weaver
Nail Maker
Nail Manufacturer
General Laborer
General Domestic Serv
Garden Laborer (N D)
Furniture Brokers Assistant
Frame Tenter Cotton Mill
Frame Tenter (Cotton)
Felt Hat Trimmer
Farmer Of 21 Acres
Farm Laborer
General Labourer
General Serv
Iron Monger & Nail Manufacturer
House Painter
Groom (D)
Governess (Teacher)
Glass & Signwriter (Painter House)
General Serv (Dom)
Fancy Draper
Factory Operative Woollen
Factory Operative (Tex)
Cook Domestic Ser
Confectioners Assistant
Coke Burner
Coal Weigher Coal Pit
C Warper
C Card Room Hand
Boot & Shoe Maker
Bolt Smith
Bolt Maker
Woollen Warper
Cotton Baller
Dress Maker
Drapers Asst
Draper & Housework
Domestic Servant
Cotton Winder
Cotton Waste Sorter
Cotton Spinner