Fea in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Fea
William Fea
James Fea
George Fea
Joseph Fea
Allan Fea
Philip Fea
Magnus Fea
Herbert Fea
Archibald Fea
Thomas Fea
Peter Fea

Top female forenames

Mary Fea
Jane Fea
Elizabeth Fea
Cecilia Fea
Annie Fea
Florance Fea
Sarah Fea
Bertrice Fea
Ann Fea
Agnes Fea
Isabella Fea
Fanny Fea
Emily Fea
Eliza Fea
Edith Fea
Catherine Fea
Minnie Fea
Marie Fea
Amy Fea
Isabelle Fea
Eveling Fea
Effie Fea

Top occupations

Timber Merchant
Clerk Bank Of England
Housekeeper (Dom)
Master Mariner Wife
Nurse (Dom)
Retired Draper
School Mistress
Genl Labr
Engineer (E & M)
Curate Of St Brides Church
Clerk In S S Office
Clerk (Unemployed)
Bankers Cleark
Umbrella Maker