Feakes in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Feakes
William Feakes
James Feakes
George Feakes
Robert Feakes
Thomas Feakes
Charles Feakes
Henry Feakes
Harry Feakes
Lewis Feakes
Arthur Feakes
Joseph Feakes
Walter Feakes
Frederick Feakes
Matthew Feakes
Frank Feakes
Nathan Feakes
Andrew Feakes
Wm.D. Feakes
Hadgen Feakes
Samuel Feakes
Percy Feakes
Francis Feakes
Berty Feakes
Levi Feakes
Arther Feakes
Johnson Feakes
Goodwin Feakes
Fredk. Feakes

Top female forenames

Mary Feakes
Harriet Feakes
Louisa Feakes
Elizabeth Feakes
Florence Feakes
Emma Feakes
Ellen Feakes
Sarah Feakes
Amelia Feakes
Charlotte Feakes
Anna Feakes
Maria Feakes
Eliza Feakes
Anne Feakes
Martha Feakes
Emily Feakes
Susan Feakes
Jane Feakes
Rebecca Feakes
Anastatia Feakes
Allice Feakes
Marrin Feakes
Agnes Feakes
Lydia Feakes
E.E. Feakes
Violet Feakes
Laura Feakes
Constance Feakes
Sophia Feakes
Jessie Feakes
Catherine Feakes
Helen Feakes
Rose Feakes
Hannah Feakes
Ann Feakes
Rachel Feakes
Ethel Feakes
Alice Feakes
Marrian Feakes
Mabel Feakes
Edith Feakes
Winifred Feakes
E. Feakes
Jessy Feakes
Simma Feakes
Caroline Feakes
Ruth Feakes

Top occupations

Agricul Laborer
Ag Laborer
Ag Labr
Engineers Shopman
Wheelwright Employing 4 Men
Journeyman Wheelwright
Groom (Dom)
Groom (8)
Groom & Gardiner
General Shopkeeper
General Servant Domestic
General Servant
General Serv
Horsekeeper ((Ag))
Housekeeper Domestic
Mail Coach Driver
Machinist Bib Maker
Licensed Victualler Wife
Licensed Victualler
Licenced Hawker
Journeyman Carpenter & Wheelwright
Jeweller Shopman
Jeweller Press Tool Maker
General Porter
General Labourer
Work On Farm (Ag Lab)
Cotton Sizer
Cotton Rover
Cook (Domestic)
Coachman D Servt
C S M Overseer Circulation Dept G P O
Boy Under Training
Domestic Servant
Dress Maker
Gen Serv
Gardeners Wife
Gardener Domestic
Game Keeper
Farmer Of 17 Acres Employing 1 Man
Factory Cotton Operative
Errand Boy