Fearns in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Fearns
John Fearns
James Fearns
George Fearns
William Fearns
Joseph Fearns
Charles Fearns
Henry Fearns
Francis Fearns
Daniel Fearns
Walter Fearns
Alfred Fearns
Richard Fearns
Albert Fearns
Robt. Fearns
Frederick Fearns
Peter Fearns
Willie Fearns
Augustine Fearns
Isaac Fearns
Abel Fearns
Oliver Fearns
Michael Fearns
Mark Fearns
Edwin Fearns
Willm. Fearns
Lewis Fearns
Joshua Fearns
Cain Fearns
Thurston Fearns
Josa. Fearns
Arthur Fearns
Samuel Fearns
Robert Fearns
Holmes Fearns
Moses Fearns
Frank Fearns
Marten Fearns
Ester Fearns
Wm. Fearns
Luke Fearns
Edward Fearns
Leonard Fearns

Top female forenames

Mary Fearns
Ann Fearns
Elizabeth Fearns
Catherine Fearns
Hannah Fearns
Sarah Fearns
Alice Fearns
Emma Fearns
Jane Fearns
Emily Fearns
Eliza Fearns
Fanny Fearns
Anne Fearns
Amelia Fearns
Ellen Fearns
Rebecca Fearns
Margaret Fearns
Annis Fearns
Winifred Fearns
Therisa Fearns
Ruth Fearns
Ada Fearns
Milicent Fearns
Dorothy Fearns
Margt. Fearns
Charlotte Fearns
Mally Fearns
Catheran Fearns
C. Fearns
Annie Fearns
Victoria Fearns
Esther Fearns
Elizh. Fearns
Matilda Fearns
Martha Fearns
Dora Fearns
Kate Fearns
Carline Fearns
Harriet Fearns

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Farmers Son
Cotton Weaver
Dress Maker
Cotton Cardroom Hand
Farmers Wife
General Lab
Umbrella Maker
Millhand (Woollen)
General Labourer
Card Grinder
Calico Weaver
Gas Fitter
Farmer Of 12 Acres & Labourer
Farmer & Woolen Weaver 10 Acres
General Dealer
Farmer Of 17 Acres
Farmer Of 2 Acres
Gardener (N D)
Farmer Of 72 Acres
Farmer Of 84 Acres Employing 3 Labourers
Farmers Daur
French Polisher
Formly Ladys Maid
Formerly Farmer
Cotton Weavers Wife
Blacksmiths Striker
Boiler Scaler
Carpenter Out Of Employ
Certificated Teacher
Worsted Weaver
Cotton Baller
Cotton Doubler
Cotton Piecer
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Scavenge
Dock Labourer
Engin Driver Engraving Works
Engine Fitter