Fearnside in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Fearnside
William Fearnside
Joshua Fearnside
Alfred Fearnside
Harry Fearnside
George Fearnside
Arthur Fearnside
Frank Fearnside
Henry Fearnside
Edwin Fearnside
James Fearnside
Samuel Fearnside
Frederick Fearnside
Herbert Fearnside
Robert Fearnside
David Fearnside
Thomas Fearnside
Charles Fearnside
Benjamin Fearnside
Joseph Fearnside
Fred Fearnside
Jonas Fearnside
Horatio Fearnside
Dennis Fearnside
Thos. Fearnside
Craven Fearnside
Seth Fearnside
Christopher Fearnside
Cecil Fearnside
Norman Fearnside
Fredk.K. Fearnside
Frederic Fearnside
Wm. Fearnside
Jonathan Fearnside
Willie Fearnside
Eli Fearnside
Walter Fearnside
Edmund Fearnside
W.C. Fearnside
Herman Fearnside
Clarence Fearnside
Harold Fearnside
Reginald Fearnside
G.A. Fearnside
Mat. Fearnside
Wm.George Fearnside
Alonzo Fearnside
Wilson Fearnside
Albert Fearnside
Francis Fearnside

Top female forenames

Sarah Fearnside
Mary Fearnside
Elizabeth Fearnside
Annie Fearnside
Ann Fearnside
Hannah Fearnside
Clara Fearnside
Fanny Fearnside
Alice Fearnside
Ellen Fearnside
Martha Fearnside
Harriet Fearnside
Gertrude Fearnside
Anne Fearnside
Emma Fearnside
Susannah Fearnside
E. Fearnside
Maria Fearnside
Florence Fearnside
Louisa Fearnside
Eliza Fearnside
Jane Fearnside
Helen Fearnside
Caroline Fearnside
Marion Fearnside
Betty Fearnside
Margaret Fearnside
Lucy Fearnside
Lily Fearnside
Judith Fearnside
John Fearnside
Ruth Fearnside
Janet Fearnside
Naomi Fearnside
Hilda Fearnside
Charlotte Fearnside
Harriett Fearnside
Blanch Fearnside
Maranner Fearnside
Annabella Fearnside
Ethel Fearnside
Amy Fearnside
Leah Fearnside
Emily Fearnside
Ada Fearnside
Joyce Fearnside
Elizth. Fearnside
Joanna Fearnside
Nelly Fearnside

Top occupations

Worsted Weaver
Mungo Merchant
General Labourer
Cotton Winder
Housekeeper (Dom)
Worsd Spinner
Bobbin Layer & Scholar (Worsted)
Warehouse man
Hand Loom Weaver
Milliner & Shroud Maker
General Servant (Domestic)
Mungo Manufacturer
Lodging House Keeper
Housekeeper Dom
Income From Dividend Houses
Insurance Clerk
Iron Works Labourer
Master Corn Miller Empl 9 Men 1 Boy
Maltsters Drayman
Jobbing Bricklayer
Leather Factor Apprentice
Lodging Ho Keeper
Cotton Twister
Foundry Coremaker
Farmer Of 4 Acres
Clerk Cashier
Chapel Keeper White Abbey Wife
Chapel Keeper White Abbey
Cashier (Local Baptist Preacher) (Clerk)
Cart Driver
Boot Finisher
Blanket Packer
Cloth Weaver (Woollen)
Commercial Traveller Out Of Employ (...)
Farm Servant Indoor
Errand Boy
Engine Fitter ( & Tr)
Dress Maker
Dress & Bonnett Maker
Doffer At Mill (Worsted)
Cotton Weaver
Corn Millers Daughter