Feary in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Feary
John Feary
George Feary
Thomas Feary
Charles Feary
Henry Feary
Edward Feary
Robert Feary
James Feary
Benjamin Feary
Wm. Feary
Fred Feary
Richard Feary
Cyrus Feary
Neville Feary
Arthur Feary
Hugh Feary
Alfd. Feary
Geo. Feary
Tom Feary
Frederic Feary
Sydney Feary
E. Feary
Patrick Feary
Cox Feary
Johnathan Feary
Anthony Feary
Herbert Feary
W.J. Feary
Fredk. Feary
Stephen Feary
Edmund Feary

Top female forenames

Mary Feary
Sarah Feary
Elizabeth Feary
Eliza Feary
Emma Feary
Lucy Feary
Margaret Feary
Hannah Feary
Ann Feary
Susan Feary
Selina Feary
Fanny Feary
Caroline Feary
Anna Feary
Louisa Feary
Ada Feary
Jane Feary
William Feary
Sophia Feary
Frances Feary
Esther Feary
Rose Feary
Emily Feary
Naomi Feary
Martha Feary
Annie Feary
Letitta Feary
Harriet Feary
Grace Feary
Rosie Feary
Rhoda Feary

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farm Laborer
Furrier Sewer
Augl Laborer
Printer (Apprentice)
Stableman (Groom)
Farm Labourer
Farmer Son
General Domestic Servant
General Domestic Serct
Gardener Domestic Serv
Farmer Wife
In Warehousehouse
Packing Case Mkr
Monthly Nurse (S M S)
Milliner & Dressmaker
Millener (And) Dressmaker
Malster Lab.
Apprentice To Wheelwright
Landed Proprietor
Farmer Of 400 Acres Employing 10 Men 2 Boys
Farmer 35 Acres
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Brick Layer
Beerhouse Keeper
Beer Dealer Wife
Beer Dealer
Agricultural Labourer
Agricultural Laboror
Butchers Wife
Carpenter & Joiner
Clerk in Coal Office
Farm Labourers Wife
Cook Domestic Servant
Draper Wife
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv
Cotton Winder
Cook Dom Servt