Feaver in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Feaver
William Feaver
George Feaver
Henry Feaver
Frederick Feaver
Frank Feaver
Edward Feaver
James Feaver
Charles Feaver
Alfred Feaver
Samuel Feaver
Arthur Feaver
Richard Feaver
Thomas Feaver
Fred Feaver
Francis Feaver
Lionel Feaver
Enos Feaver
Leo Feaver
Clement Feaver
Harry Feaver
Ambrose Feaver
Tom Feaver
Geo. Feaver
Frederic Feaver
Roland Feaver
Percy Feaver
Ernest Feaver
Lewis Feaver
Claude Feaver
Wm.Thos.J. Feaver
Harold Feaver
Allan Feaver
Walter Feaver
Geo.H. Feaver
Albert Feaver
Thos.L. Feaver

Top female forenames

Mary Feaver
Sarah Feaver
Elizabeth Feaver
Ellen Feaver
Edith Feaver
Florence Feaver
Hannah Feaver
Emily Feaver
Ann Feaver
Harriet Feaver
Louisa Feaver
Emma Feaver
Kate Feaver
Susan Feaver
Harriett Feaver
Fanny Feaver
Elizth. Feaver
Ada Feaver
Helena Feaver
Matilda Feaver
Annie Feaver
Lillian Feaver
Agnes Feaver
Dinah Feaver
Clara Feaver
Caroline Feaver
Margaret Feaver
Bessie Feaver
Lilyburth Feaver
Esther Feaver
Anne Feaver
Katharine Feaver
Thirza Feaver
June Feaver
Sophie Feaver
Amelia Feaver
Jane Feaver
Henrietta Feaver
Rebecca Feaver
Connie Feaver
Charlotte Feaver
Maria Feaver
Bessy Feaver
Ethel Feaver
Violet Feaver
Anna Feaver
Emiline Feaver
Amy Feaver
Jessie Feaver
Ellanor Feaver

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farmers Son
Farmers Son (Scholar)
Labor In Brickfield
Ironmonger Daur
Farmers Daur (Scholar)
Field Worker
Farmer Of 400 Acres Employing 4 Men
Farmer 455 Acres Employ 10 Men 5 Boys 1 Woman
Wife Of Above
Coachmans Wife
Farm Bailiff
Foreman Tin Plate Works
Formerly Labourer
Helps Field Worker
Grocers Shopman
Grocers Assistant
Governess Sch
General Serv
Gardener Dom
Errand Boy (In Coal Store)
Errand Boy
Chemist Pharmaceutical
Chemist And Druggist
Carpenter Out Of Employ
Brewers Labourer
Bell Hanger
Assistant To Head Of Family
Assistant Laundress
Clothiers Machinist
Dress Maker
Domestic Serv
Cook (Dom)
Coml Traveller (Draper)
Color Sergeant R M L I
Coachman Dom Servt