Feenan in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Feenan
Richard Feenan
William Feenan
Thomas Feenan
James Feenan
Charles Feenan
Robert Feenan
Daniel Feenan
Bernard Feenan

Top female forenames

Mary Feenan
Martha Feenan
Sarah Feenan
Fanny Feenan
Catherine Feenan
Margt. Feenan
Elizabeth Feenan
Bridget Feenan

Top occupations

Boiler Maker
Reformatory Boy
Provision Dealer
Out Of Business
Labourer (Iron Works)
Iron Forgeman
Housemd Domestic
Housemaid (Domestic)
General Labourer
Furnaceman (Iron)
Formerly Laundress
Farm Servt (Indoor)
Domestic Svt
Boy 1 Cl