Feeny in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Feeny
John Feeny
Thomas Feeny
Luke Feeny
Victor Feeny
Peter Feeny
Charles Feeny
Martin Feeny
Edward Feeny
Richard Feeny
Andrew Feeny
Michael Feeny
M.H. Feeny
Leo Feeny
Henry Feeny
Samuel Feeny
Dennis Feeny
Patk. Feeny
Arthur Feeny
Micheal Feeny
William Feeny
Herbert Feeny
Daniel Feeny
Patrick Feeny
Bernard Feeny
Michl. Feeny

Top female forenames

Mary Feeny
Ellen Feeny
Catherine Feeny
Margaret Feeny
Jane Feeny
Ann Feeny
Eliza Feeny
Margret Feeny
Elizth. Feeny
Bridget Feeny
Ada Feeny
Elizabeth Feeny
Chriny Feeny
Sarah Feeny
Norah Feeny
Anne Feeny
Alice Feeny
Julia Feeny
Hannah Feeny
Cathrine Feeny
Rose Feeny
May Feeny
Marion Feeny

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Labourer General
Rag Sorter (Dlr) ?
No Occupation
Domestic Serv
Roman Catholic Priest St Albans
Labourer Pensioner Army
Umbrella Maker
Labourer Dye Works
Labourer Corporation (RD)
Gen Servant
Laborer General
Master Tailor
Spinner Worsted
Metal Polisher (Burnish)
Plate Layers Labourer
Police Man
Rag Sorter (Cloth)
Medical Student
Laborer Chemical Works (Manuf)
Jack Tenter
Cotton Winder
Cotton Weaver
Clerk In Genl Brokers
Clerk In Commr Of Patents Office
Chip Hawker
Bricklayers Laborer
Brick Maker
Boarding House Keeper
Domestic Servant Out Of Employ
Factory Operative
Iron Ship Yard Laborer (Builder)
Brickrs Labr
House Holder (Lodge)
Hemp Spinner
Groom (D)
Genl Commission Agent
General Servant
Gen Serv