Feetham in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Feetham
James Feetham
Robert Feetham
George Feetham
William Feetham
Charles Feetham
Joseph Feetham
Henry Feetham
Wm. Feetham
Thomas Feetham
Frederick Feetham
Matthew Feetham
Arthur Feetham
Samuel Feetham
Fredrick Feetham
Mark Feetham
Herbert Feetham
Richard Feetham
Montague Feetham
Christopher Feetham
Goerge Feetham
Frederic Feetham
Reginald Feetham
Edward Feetham
Max Feetham
Alfred Feetham
Hartley Feetham
Roderick Feetham
Francis Feetham

Top female forenames

Mary Feetham
Elizabeth Feetham
Susan Feetham
Jane Feetham
Ann Feetham
Hannah Feetham
Martha Feetham
Sarah Feetham
Rebecca Feetham
Fanny Feetham
Margaret Feetham
Elizth. Feetham
Spicer Feetham
Charlotte Feetham
Harriett Feetham
Emily Feetham
Ellen Feetham
Julia Feetham
Isabella Feetham
Annie Feetham
Harriet Feetham
Alice Feetham
Pleasance Feetham
Frances Feetham
Minnie Feetham
Ester Feetham
Elzar Feetham
Susannah Feetham
Louise Feetham
Kate Feetham
Rose Feetham
Rebeka Feetham
Rachel Feetham
Ada Feetham
Nancy Feetham
Florence Feetham
May Feetham
Ethel Feetham
Tama Feetham
Lucy Feetham
Louisa Feetham
Elizah Feetham
Elisabeth Feetham
Rhoda Feetham

Top occupations

No Occupation
Farm Labourer
File Cutter
Farmers Son Scholar
Forgeman (Iron)
Ag Lab
Farm Laborer
Labourer To Bricklayer
Laborer Coke Yard
Justice Of Peace Farmer
Groom Domestic
House Carpenter
Labourers Son
Police Constable
Page Boy (Dom)
No Profession
Mineral Agent For The North Eastern Railway Co
Metal Picker
Master Butcher
Labourers Wife
Groom (D)
Groom & Cartman
Grocer Wife
Engine Driver
Domestic Servant
Domestic Duty
Dependant On Children
Commercial Clerk (Leather Works)
Chair Caner
Farmers Daur Scholar
Farmers Widow (Farming 200 Acres Employing 1 Laborer)
General Domestic
General Cleaners Curtains &c (Dyer)
Gen Servant Domestic
Gen Serv
Gen Lab Wife
Gen Lab
Formerly Housekeeper