Fennel in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Fennel
George Fennel
John Fennel
James Fennel
Joseph Fennel
Thomas Fennel
David Fennel
Henry Fennel
Frederick Fennel
Albert Fennel
Charles Fennel
Edward Fennel
Richard Fennel
Martin Fennel
Herbert Fennel
Peter Fennel
Michael Fennel
Walter Fennel
Too Fennel
Jonathan Fennel
Sydney Fennel
D.W. Fennel
Samuel Fennel
Cecil Fennel
Sam Fennel
Bertie Fennel
Robert Fennel
Ambrose Fennel
Francis Fennel
Percy Fennel
Edwin Fennel
Valentine Fennel
Ebenezer Fennel
Josep. Fennel
Daniel Fennel
Stephen Fennel
Saml. Fennel
Brierley Fennel
Harold Fennel
Robt. Fennel
Benn. Fennel
Fredk.G. Fennel
Alfred Fennel
Riley Fennel
Frank Fennel
Enoch Fennel

Top female forenames

Mary Fennel
Sarah Fennel
Susan Fennel
Elizabeth Fennel
Hannah Fennel
Eliza Fennel
Jane Fennel
Ada Fennel
Margaret Fennel
Emma Fennel
Kate Fennel
Ann Fennel
Edith Fennel
Bertha Fennel
Emily Fennel
Julia Fennel
Alice Fennel
Rose Fennel
Harriett Fennel
Charlotte Fennel
Fanny Fennel
Caroline Fennel
Ellen Fennel
Gertrude Fennel
Martha Fennel
Catherine Fennel
Eva Fennel
Louise Fennel
Bridget Fennel
Eseneath Fennel
Letitia Fennel
Ella Fennel
Agusta Fennel
Phoebe Fennel
Edwina Fennel
Maude Fennel
Christine Fennel
Florrie Fennel
Ester Fennel
Lily Fennel
Betty Fennel
Janet Fennel
Alexandria Fennel
Elizth. Fennel
Agnes Fennel
Isabella Fennel
Priscilla Fennel
Harriet Fennel
Minnie Fennel
Maud Fennel

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cotton Operative
Cotton Peicer
General Laborer
General Servant
Cook Domestic Serv
Factory Labr
Domestic Servant
Drapers Assistant
Agctl Labr
Genal Lab
General Dealer
Formerly Laundress
Fireman (Stoker)
General Servant Domestic
Housemaid Domestic Serv
House Painter
House Duty
House Duties
House & Ship Plumber
Herdsman Ag Lab
Groom D S
Grocers Assistant
Fire Beater (Cotton Mill)
Farm Servant
Worsted Drawer
Ag Labs Wife
Agr Labourer
Butcher (Master)
Butcher Wife
Cardroom Hand (C)
Cloth Weaver
Coal Miner & Methodist Preacher
Commercial Traveller
Cordwainers Apprentice
Cotton Cardroom Hand
Cotton Speed Tenter
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Winder
Daur Of Peer
Engine Cleaner On Railway