Fenning in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Fenning
George Fenning
John Fenning
Thomas Fenning
James Fenning
Richard Fenning
Charles Fenning
Robert Fenning
Alfred Fenning
Harry Fenning
Frederick Fenning
Edward Fenning
Samuel Fenning
Henry Fenning
Francis Fenning
Fenn Fenning
Herbert Fenning
Edgar Fenning
Fredrick Fenning
Peter Fenning
Ernest Fenning
Philip Fenning
Fred Fenning
Mark Fenning
Ellies Fenning
Victor Fenning
Daniel Fenning
Simeon Fenning
Chas.H. Fenning
Robt. Fenning
Cecil Fenning
Arthur Fenning
Frank Fenning
Albert Fenning
Oliver Fenning
Frances Fenning
Horace Fenning
Wiliam Fenning
Dd. Fenning
Gilbert Fenning
Christopher Fenning
Geo. Fenning
Fredk. Fenning
Bertrand Fenning
Pat. Fenning

Top female forenames

Mary Fenning
Elizabeth Fenning
Eliza Fenning
Alice Fenning
Emma Fenning
Ellen Fenning
Sarah Fenning
Caroline Fenning
Harriet Fenning
Lucy Fenning
Ada Fenning
Charlotte Fenning
Kate Fenning
Laura Fenning
Jane Fenning
Ann Fenning
Louisa Fenning
Anna Fenning
Amy Fenning
Gertrude Fenning
Rose Fenning
Florence Fenning
Emily Fenning
Maud Fenning
Martha Fenning
Amelia Fenning
Helen Fenning
Clemence Fenning
Georgiana Fenning
Rosanna Fenning
Frances Fenning
Rachel Fenning
Carrie Fenning
Lavinia Fenning
Florance Fenning
Phoebe Fenning
Bridget Fenning
Fanny Fenning
Nellie Fenning
Annie Fenning
Jessie Fenning
May Fenning
Honor Fenning
Henrietta Fenning
Susanah Fenning
Marrgrate Fenning
Harriett Fenning
Deborah Fenning
Mabel Fenning
Christiana Fenning

Top occupations

Ag Lab
General Servant
Farm Labourer
Farmers Son
Agricultural Labourer
Shoe Rivetter
Domestic Servant
Gen Serv (Out Of Place)
Housemaid Domestic Servant
At Home
Errand Boy
Farmer 47 Acres
Gardeners Wife
Working Malster
Fitters Assistant (Eng)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Furniture Broker
Formerly Laundress
Engine Fitter
Frame Hand (Hos)
Clerk H M Customs
Army Sergeants Widow
Band 2 Cl (Seaman)
Band Boy
Band Boy (Seaman)
Boot Closer
Carpenter Employing Two Son
Carpenters Apprentice
Chimney Sweeper
Cleans Boots 1/2 Time
Assistant Master (Classical) M.A.
Coachman (D)
Coachman And Domestic Servant
Cotton Piecer
Cotton Spinner