Fenny in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Fenny
John Fenny
William Fenny
James Fenny
Samuel Fenny
Robert Fenny
Alfred Fenny
Charles Fenny
Henry Fenny
Frederick Fenny
Edward Fenny
Arthur Fenny
Joseph Fenny
Fredk. Fenny
Francis Fenny
Saml. Fenny
Collin Fenny
Caleb Fenny
Noah Fenny
Josh. Fenny
Aaron Fenny
Herbert Fenny
Harry Fenny
Rubert Fenny
Peter Fenny
Mathew Fenny
Albert Fenny

Top female forenames

Mary Fenny
Elizabeth Fenny
Margaret Fenny
Jane Fenny
Hannah Fenny
Isabella Fenny
Emma Fenny
Caroline Fenny
Sarah Fenny
Alice Fenny
Emily Fenny
Annie Fenny
Ann Fenny
Margret Fenny
Lucy Fenny
Catherine Fenny
Jemima Fenny
Martha Fenny
Edith Fenny
Harriet Fenny
Frances Fenny
Elizth.Ann Fenny
Eliza Fenny
Laura Fenny
Ruth Fenny
Phoeby Fenny
Adeline Fenny
Nance Fenny
Florence Fenny
Margt. Fenny
Ellen Fenny
Louisa Fenny
Kate Fenny
Anne Fenny
Rachel Fenny
Phillipa Fenny
Fanny Fenny
Maria Fenny

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Boiler Maker
Stationary Engine Driver
B Smith
School Mistress
Gas Fitting Worker
Feeder At A Machine
Farmerss Son
Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Farmers Daur
Farmer 33 Acres
Wife Of Hosier & General Dealer
Colliery Cartman
Household Wkr
Grocers Errand Boy
Gilt Toy Maker
Genl Labr
General Servant (Domestic
General Labourer
Hosier & General Dealer
General Laborer
House Painter
Fancy Paper Box Maker
Factory Engineer (Driver)
Button Stamper
Brush Maker
Brick Layer
At Home
Assistant To Hosier & General Dealer
Assistant In Wool Shop (Stapler)
Coal Dealer
Cook Dom
Engine Driver
Elementry Schoolmaster
Domestic Serv
Cow Keeper Wife
Cow Keeper Helper
Cow Keeper (Milk Seller)
Cotton Weaver