Ferber in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Ferber
William Ferber
Samuel Ferber
Harold Ferber
Frank Ferber
Dd. Ferber
Daniel Ferber
Arthur Ferber
Victor Ferber
Saml. Ferber
Herman Ferber
Fredk.M. Ferber
Edwin Ferber
David Ferber
Wm. Ferber
Charles Ferber
Walter Ferber
Alfred Ferber
Jonathan Ferber
James Ferber

Top female forenames

Eliza Ferber
Annie Ferber
Ernestine Ferber
Emilie Ferber
Betsy Ferber
Rosena Ferber
Katharine Ferber
Jane Ferber
Isabel Ferber
Esther Ferber
Emma Ferber
Elizabeth Ferber
Clara Ferber
Sarah Ferber
Augusta Ferber
Martha Ferber
Ada Ferber
Julia Ferber
Isabella Ferber
Heneratta Ferber

Top occupations

No Occupation
Superintendant Of Iron Works
Wagon Builder Employing 6 Men & 2 Boys
Wagon Builder Wife
Brass Finisher
Labourer In Iron Works
Coal Miner
Coal Miner Wife
Domestic Serv
Engine Fitter
Engineer (E&M)
Housemaid Domestic
Jewel Box Maker
Washer Woman