Fernie in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Fernie
William Fernie
James Fernie
David Fernie
George Fernie
Edward Fernie
Charles Fernie
Thomas Fernie
Peter Fernie
Robert Fernie
Henry Fernie
Andrew Fernie
Francis Fernie
Joseph Fernie
Arthur Fernie
Herbert Fernie
Frank Fernie
D.S. Fernie
Herbt. Fernie
Arnol Fernie
Solomon Fernie
Alexander Fernie
Samuel Fernie
Geo. Fernie
Robertson Fernie
Frederick Fernie
Reberton Fernie
Willm. Fernie
Jno Fernie
Cornelius Fernie
Walter Fernie
Isaac Fernie
Sylvanus Fernie
Soloman Fernie
Robt. Fernie
Fredk. Fernie
Ralph Fernie
Ernest Fernie
Maxwell Fernie
Edd.Brooke Fernie
Wm. Fernie

Top female forenames

Mary Fernie
Jane Fernie
Margaret Fernie
Elizabeth Fernie
Emma Fernie
Annie Fernie
Janet Fernie
Emily Fernie
Isabella Fernie
Edith Fernie
Frances Fernie
Martha Fernie
Fanny Fernie
Jessie Fernie
Arabella Fernie
Ellen Fernie
Anne Fernie
Gertrude Fernie
Catherine Fernie
Kate Fernie
Elizth. Fernie
Willia Fernie
Ann Fernie
Eliza Fernie
Sarah Fernie
Alice Fernie
Helen Fernie
Penuel Fernie
Adal...n Fernie
Hannah Fernie
Dora Fernie
May Fernie
Christ. Fernie
Cashie Fernie
Ethel Fernie
Betsy Fernie
Janie Fernie
Sophia Fernie
Amelia Fernie
Isabel Fernie
Eliz. Fernie
Rachel Fernie
Agnes Fernie
Harriett Fernie
Dorothy Fernie
Millicent Fernie
Christ.J. Fernie
Florence Fernie
Marie Fernie
Evelyn Fernie

Top occupations

Ship Carpenter
Ship Owner
Drapers Assistant
Comm Clerk Shipping
Engine Fitter At Works
No Occupation
Head Nurse (Hosp)
Housekeeper (Dom)
Income Derived From Foreign Property & Investments
Iron Master
Iron Turner Wife
Iron Turner
Iron Moulder
Justice Of The Peace & Ship Owner
Physician D.N.Durham Uni ?
Park Keeper
Outfitter Emp 10 W & Porter (Genl Shop)
No Profession Houses
Med Profession General Practisioner M.R.C.S.London M.D. St Andrews
Labourer & Cartman For NER
Kitchenmaid (Dom)
Clerk (Shipbroker)
Check Weighman At Colliery (Miner)
Chapel Keeper (Ser)
Chairmaker (Ret)
Certificated Teacher
Boat Builder
Bakers Shopwoman
Corn Dealer & C
Engineer & (M)
General Servant
General Practitioner M.R.C.S.
General Practioner M D Durham M R C S London
General Merchant
Gas Fitter
Gardener (Dom)
Engineers Draughtsman