Ferrar in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Ferrar
William Ferrar
James Ferrar
John Ferrar
Frederick Ferrar
Arthur Ferrar
Joseph Ferrar
Henry Ferrar
Emanuel Ferrar
Wm. Ferrar
Charles Ferrar
Walter Ferrar
Archbd. Ferrar
Thos.H. Ferrar
Thomas Ferrar
Herbert Ferrar
Eugene Ferrar
Edward Ferrar
Tom Ferrar
Alfred Ferrar
Thos. Ferrar

Top female forenames

Sarah Ferrar
Mary Ferrar
Amy Ferrar
Maria Ferrar
Isabella Ferrar
Beatrice Ferrar
Hellen Ferrar
Ann Ferrar
Hane Ferrar
Allica Ferrar
Frances Ferrar
Agnes Ferrar
Esther Ferrar
Ellen Ferrar
Maud Ferrar
Elizabeth Ferrar
Martha Ferrar
Clara Ferrar
Louisa Ferrar
Bertha Ferrar
Ida Ferrar
Annie Ferrar
Hannah Ferrar
Gigina Ferrar
Alice Ferrar
Ethel Ferrar
Ada Ferrar
Susan Ferrar
Emily Ferrar
Rebecca Ferrar
Ella Ferrar
Eliza Ferrar
Catherine Ferrar

Top occupations

No Proffession
Plumber Glazier & Gas Fitter Employs 1 Man & 1 Boy
Oil Shop Keeper
Retired Licensed Victualler
Ry. Serv
Police Constable
Stone Mason
Stone Mason Wife
Stone Sawyer
Tea Merchants Clerk
Teacher (S M)
Turner At Factory (Eng)
Unitarian Minister (Bury S Eds)
Widow Of A Tailor
No Occupation
Annuitant Commanders (Naval Worn)
Civil Engineers Son Scholar
Civil Engineers Wife
Colliery Steward Underground
Companion To Her Father
Furnace (Iron Manf.Labourer)
Gas Inspector Of Public Lighting (Serv)
General Labourer
Gentleman Cadet (Officer)
Journeyman Baker
Laborer (General)
Master Butcher
Mineral Water Maker
Wine Merchant