Fewins in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Fewins
William Fewins
George Fewins
Walter Fewins
Simon Fewins
Henry Fewins
James Fewins
Edward Fewins
Thomas Fewins
Edwin Fewins
Edmun Fewins
Archie Fewins
Albert Fewins
Sydney Fewins
Robert Fewins
Leonard Fewins
Charles Fewins
Alfred Fewins
Richard Fewins

Top female forenames

Mary Fewins
Sarah Fewins
Elizabeth Fewins
Ann Fewins
Jane Fewins
Alice Fewins
Ellen Fewins
Eliza Fewins
Nellie Fewins
Blanche Fewins
Martha Fewins
Annie Fewins
Maria Fewins
Amlia Fewins
Jemima Fewins
Hezia Fewins
Gertrude Fewins
Emily Fewins
Susanna Fewins
Charlotte Fewins
Betsy Fewins
Marian Fewins
Jessie Fewins
Amelia Fewins
Harriett Fewins
Emma Fewins
Susan Fewins

Top occupations

Farm Labourer
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmers Daur
Farmers Son
Farm Labourer Wife
Laborer At Kent Water Works
Housemaid (Domestic)
Harness Maker
General Servant (Domestic)
White Smith (Servt)
Labourers Wife
Tailors Apprentice
Soldier Driver R H A
Retired Inn Keeper
Retired Farmer
Railway Engine Driver
Pensioner (Chelsea)
Parlour Maid
Nurse (S M S)
General Serv
General Labourer
General Domestic Servant
Auctioneer &c
Black Smith
Coal Merchant
Coal Miner
Domestic Servant
Engine Fitter
Farm Lab
Farm Laborer
Farm Laborer Wife
Farm Of 108 Acres Employing 1 Labourer
Farmers Wife
Farming (26 Acres)
Farmer Of 90 Acres
Gas Water Fitter
(Railway) Signalman