Fewkes in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Fewkes
John Fewkes
George Fewkes
Thomas Fewkes
Henry Fewkes
Charles Fewkes
Alfred Fewkes
James Fewkes
Arthur Fewkes
Edwin Fewkes
Walter Fewkes
Herbert Fewkes
Samuel Fewkes
Benjamin Fewkes
Frank Fewkes
Joseph Fewkes
Edward Fewkes
Jas. Fewkes
Ernest Fewkes
Timothy Fewkes
Chas. Fewkes
Harry Fewkes
Robt.W. Fewkes
Percy Fewkes
Fred. Fewkes
Paul Fewkes
Wm.Hy. Fewkes
Leonard Fewkes
Willis Fewkes
Willam Fewkes
Wallace Fewkes
Daniel Fewkes
J.G. Fewkes
Sampson Fewkes
Benj. Fewkes
Gideon Fewkes
Robert Fewkes
Frederick Fewkes
Percival Fewkes
Fred Fewkes
Matthew Fewkes
Willm. Fewkes
Josh. Fewkes
Edwd. Fewkes
David Fewkes

Top female forenames

Mary Fewkes
Sarah Fewkes
Elizabeth Fewkes
Ann Fewkes
Eliza Fewkes
Emma Fewkes
Clara Fewkes
Hannah Fewkes
Maria Fewkes
Annie Fewkes
Ada Fewkes
Ellen Fewkes
Edith Fewkes
Rebecca Fewkes
Amelia Fewkes
Isabella Fewkes
Alice Fewkes
Henrietta Fewkes
Rosa Fewkes
Frances Fewkes
Martha Fewkes
Anne Fewkes
Victoire Fewkes
Kate Fewkes
Amy Fewkes
Susannah Fewkes
Joyce Fewkes
Amanda Fewkes
Sophia Fewkes
Eliz. Fewkes
Infant Fewkes
Agnes Fewkes
Rose Fewkes
Helena Fewkes
Catherine Fewkes
Florrie Fewkes
Bessie Fewkes
Fanny Fewkes
M.A. Fewkes
Louisa Fewkes
Elizth. Fewkes
Ursula Fewkes
Julia Fewkes
Susan Fewkes
Effie Fewkes
Constance Fewkes
Harriett Fewkes
Matilda Fewkes
Charlotte Fewkes
Caroline Fewkes

Top occupations

Framework Knitter
Coal Miner
Confect Assistant
Frame Work Knitter
Bricklayers Labourer
Scholar Half Time
Lace Maker
Farmer 92 Acres
Farmer Of 80 Acres Empy 2 Labourers
Formerly Carpenter
Forman Brick Yard
Foreman At Timber Yard
Farmers Wife
Gardener (D)
In Charge Of House
House Painter
Horseman (Serv Indoor) (Ag Lab)
Gentleman M O T
General Servant
Gen Serv
Farm Servant
Farm Serv
Certifcrd Mistress
Carpenter & Joiner
Builders Labourer
Bricklayers Lab
Bricklayer & Mason Wife
Box Maker
Worsted Spinner
Coal Minor
Colliery Labourer
Errand Boy
Elastic Weaver
Dom Servant
Cotton Winder
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Doubler
Cottager & Wheelwright 14 Acres