Fiander in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Fiander
George Fiander
Charles Fiander
Harry Fiander
Frederick Fiander
Henry Fiander
John Fiander
Percival Fiander
Edward Fiander
Joseph Fiander
James Fiander
Albert Fiander
Robert Fiander
Lionel Fiander
Arthur Fiander
Alfred Fiander
Reuben Fiander
Fred. Fiander
Lymn Fiander
Coward Fiander
Job Fiander
Charlie Fiander
Urban Fiander
Benjamin Fiander
Thos. Fiander
Hercules Fiander
Andrew Fiander
Stephen Fiander
Harvey Fiander
Percyfull Fiander
Frederic Fiander
Oliver Fiander
Frank Fiander
Edmund Fiander
Chas. Fiander
Wiliam Fiander
Jesse Fiander
Tom Fiander
J. Fiander
Thomas Fiander
Samuel Fiander

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Fiander
Mary Fiander
Sarah Fiander
Ellen Fiander
Susan Fiander
Ann Fiander
Emily Fiander
Lucy Fiander
Edith Fiander
Annie Fiander
Emma Fiander
Louisa Fiander
Eliza Fiander
Jane Fiander
Caroline Fiander
Florence Fiander
Amelia Fiander
Agnes Fiander
Fanny Fiander
Alice Fiander
Honor Fiander
Dorcas Fiander
Temperance Fiander
Harriet Fiander
Bessie Fiander
Priscilla Fiander
Evelyn Fiander
Olivia Fiander
Maud Fiander
Ellin Fiander
Maria Fiander
Elizh.Jane Fiander
Isabella Fiander
Dorothea Fiander
Harriett Fiander
Christiana Fiander
Gertrude Fiander
Blanche Fiander
Rebecca Fiander
Beatrice Fiander
Phoebe Fiander
Eva Fiander
Minnie Fiander

Top occupations

Ag Lab
General Labourer
Pupil Teacher
Inland Revenue Officer (Excise Brandy)
Income Derived From Dividend
Housekeeper (Dom)
House Painter
Grocer & Cheesemonger
Genl Porter
General Servant
Interest Of Money Widow Of Builder
Journeyman Tailor
Journeymans Miller
Police Officer
Parochial Relief
Life Assurance Agent
Labourers Wife
Labourer Malster
Labourer Ag
Railway Porter M R
Journeymans Miller Assist
Gas Fireman (Iron)
Carter Wife
Carter At A Farm
Carpenters Apprentice
Butlers Wife
Butler Domestic
Brewers Labourer
Ast Baker
Yarn Winder Woollen
Civil Service (Postal)
Dairyman Farmer
Formerly A Laundress
Feeder In Woollen Mill
Farmer Renting 19 1/2 Acres
Farm Labourer
Farm Labour
Engravers Apprentice (Artist)
Dress Maker
Drapers Assistant
Drapers Apprentice
Dom Serv