Fickling in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Fickling
Robert Fickling
George Fickling
John Fickling
Henry Fickling
James Fickling
Thomas Fickling
Alfred Fickling
Arthur Fickling
Albert Fickling
Francis Fickling
Fredk. Fickling
Walter Fickling
Charles Fickling
R. Fickling
Abner Fickling
David Fickling
Samuel Fickling
A.J. Fickling
F.H. Fickling
J. Fickling
Edward Fickling
Horace Fickling
Duncan Fickling
Sidney Fickling
Daniel Fickling
Saml. Fickling
Harold Fickling
Richd. Fickling
H. Fickling
Barnabas Fickling
Lewis Fickling
Frederick Fickling
Jeremiah Fickling
Fleetwood Fickling
A. Fickling
Jacob Fickling
Ernest Fickling
W.D. Fickling
Hugh Fickling
Edmund Fickling
Taber Fickling
Herbert Fickling
Harry Fickling
Dan Fickling
H.F. Fickling
Benjamin Fickling
Richard Fickling
Georgianna Fickling
M.A. Fickling

Top female forenames

Mary Fickling
Sarah Fickling
Elizabeth Fickling
Emma Fickling
Eliza Fickling
Emily Fickling
Ann Fickling
Martha Fickling
Kate Fickling
Susan Fickling
Jane Fickling
Frances Fickling
Anna Fickling
Lucy Fickling
Ellen Fickling
Agnes Fickling
Caroline Fickling
Mildred Fickling
Anne Fickling
Rachel Fickling
Harriet Fickling
Annie Fickling
Lotte Fickling
Adelaid Fickling
Keziah Fickling
Edith Fickling
Susannah Fickling
Julia Fickling
Deborah Fickling
J.J. Fickling
Celia Fickling
R.E. Fickling
Hannah Fickling
Francis Fickling
Armenia Fickling
F.W. Fickling
Margaret Fickling
Louisa Fickling
Adelaide Fickling
Lilly Fickling
Eleanor Fickling
Thirzanna Fickling
A. Fickling
E.A. Fickling
Charlotte Fickling
Catherine Fickling
Minnie Fickling
Gertrude Fickling
Betsey Fickling
Maria Fickling

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Worsted Mill Hand
Servant Domestic
Commercial Clerk
Cab Driver
Farm Labourer
Cloth Weaver
Farm Lab Wife
Farm Lab
Farm Bailiff
General Laborer
Farm Servant
Gardener Under (Dom)
Gardener (M)
Gardener (D)s Wife
Gardener (D)
Farm Laborer (Indoor)
Farmers Boy
Farmer Of 80 Acres Employ 2 Labourers
General Servant (Dom)
Farmer Of 102 Acres Employing 4 Men & Cattle Dealer
Clerk & Writer
Domestic Serv Kitchen Maid
Carpenter & Joiner
Bricklayers Wife
Bakers Pe Maker
Assistant Manager Of Coffee Tavern House
Chapel Keeper
Dealer (G)
Cook Domestic (Unemployed) (Serv)
Comercial Clerk
Colliery Labourer
Coffee Roaster
Coachman Domestic
Coachman 6/2
Clicker (Boot)