Fines in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Fines
George Fines
William Fines
James Fines
Thomas Fines
Charles Fines
Joseph Fines
Henry Fines
Edward Fines
Alfred Fines
Robert Fines
Abraham Fines
Walter Fines
Lewis Fines
Tom Fines
Edwin Fines
Richard Fines
Benjm. Fines
Percy Fines
Arthur Fines
Michael Fines
Archer Fines
Joshep Fines
Willie Fines
Herbert Fines
Richd. Fines
Bernard Fines
Rd. Fines
Augustin Fines
Norris Fines
Arther Fines

Top female forenames

Mary Fines
Sarah Fines
Elizabeth Fines
Fanny Fines
Emma Fines
Martha Fines
Jane Fines
Eliza Fines
Hannah Fines
Rebecca Fines
Maria Fines
Lucy Fines
Hester Fines
Adelaide Fines
Pameline Fines
Nancy Fines
Ellen Fines
Elizh. Fines
Marianne Fines
Mabel Fines
Betsy Fines
Louisa Fines
Anne Fines
Isabella Fines
Sophia Fines
Alice Fines
A. Fines
Fanney Fines
Naomi Fines
Emily Fines
Minnie Fines
Elizth. Fines
Charlotte Fines
Annie Fines
Ann Fines

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Domestic Serv
Gen Laborer
Ironstone Miner
Ag Labr
No Occupation
G N Drayman
Farmers Daughter
Furnace Labourer
Gardener (Domestic Serv)
Gen Lab
Farmers Wife
General Sevt Domestic
Grocer s Assistant
Labr Wife
Laborer At Iron Wks
Jewellers Assistant
Gen Servant
In Oil Mills
Housekeeper Dom
House Keeper
Farmer Of 65 Acres
Farm Serv Indoor
Farm Labr
Card Room Hand
Boot Finisher
Banksman (China)
Wood Sawyer
Agl Labr Wife
Agl Labr
Coal Minor
Farm Laborer
Drapers Assistant
Cottage Farmer Wife (Ag Lab)
Cottage Farmer (Ag Lab)
Comb Maker Wife
Comb Maker Unemployed
Coal Porter